Genealogy of the Woodcock Valley

Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania

     Upper Corner School


This photo was submitted by Ralph Garner.  To see the names of the students, click on the photo above.  The Upper Corner School was located on Piney Ridge in Penn Township in an area known to locals as Kelly's, Upper Corner, or Beer Barrel Bay.  The school closed in the spring of 1952.

Teachers at the Upper Corner School

If you can add teachers to the table below, please complete the Teacher Roll Call form, and I will add your information!


 Teacher's Name Year
 Lena Grace Norris 1910
 John D. Grove abt. 1916
 Mabel Hampton 1925-1926
 Helen E. McCloskey1926-1927
 Chloe Garner 1930-1931
 Mrs. Mabel Norris 1934-1935
 Lester Gutshall  bef. 1939
 Leslie Grove abt. 1939-1941
 Amelia Hampton abt. 1941-1943
 Irene Bagshaw abt. 1943-1945
 Chloe Garner Grubb abt. 1945-1947
 Chloe Garner Grubb 1948-1949
 Irene Bagshaw 1950-1951
 CLOSED 1952


 I have a few souvenir brochures such as this one, from 1910, when Lena Grace Norris was the teacher.  The souvenir booklets I have belonged to my great-uncle, Thomas M. Norris, who attended the Upper Corner School.  The 1910 booklet belonged to my great-uncle Blair "Dick" Fisher.  You can see the class lists in the School photo album by clicking on the link.

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