Genealogy of the Woodcock Valley

Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania

St. Mathew's Lutheran Church

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St. Mathew's Lutheran Church has a history rich in the Woodcock Valley.  The church was first hosted out of the home of the Garner family and then a wooden school house known as the Garner School about 1804..  Then, a stone structure was built in 1838, which still stands today and is now known as the Old Stone Church.




Later, a new brick church was built in Marklesburg, on the road to Aitch, which still serves the Lutheran congregation.



A list of ministers who served the church, taken from the Re-Dedication of St. Mathew's Lutheran Church on Sunday, November 9, 1941, includes:



 Reverend  Years Reverend Years
 Rev. Hass 1803-1814 Rev. Jacob Bricker 1859-1864
 Rev. Rebenach 1817-1820 Rev. J. H. Bratten 1864-1866
 Rev. Osterloh 1820-1821 Rev. M. G. Boyer 1866-1868
 Mr. Henry Heine 1821-1822 Rev. J. Frazier 1868-1871
 Vacant 1822-1826 Rev. J. S. Hesbig 1872-1875
 Rev. N. Sharretts 1826-1827 Rev. M. G. Bryer 1875-1895
 Rev. Daniel Moser 1829-1831 Rev. D. M. Blackwelder 1895-1897
 Rev. J. Martin 1833-1837 Rev. J. S. English 1898-1904
 Rev. John G. Ellinger 1838-1842 Rev. A. R. Glaze 1904-1905
 Rev. Benj. Lanbach 1842-1843 Rev. H. C. Rose 1905-1910
 Rev. Wm. G. Laitgle  1843-1847 Rev. M. A. Spotts 1910-1912
 Rev. Jacob Burhett 1847-1848 Rev. Wm. A. Streamer 1912-1918
 Rev. P. M. Rightmeyer 1851-1853 Dr. A. B. B. Van Ormer 1918-1939
 Rev. Cyrus Rightmeyer 1854-1856 Rev. J. S. English (supply) 1939-1939
 Rev. Wm. Bachtel 1857-1858 Rev. Jerome V. Guss 1939-1941+



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