Genealogy of the Woodcock Valley

Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania

Sheridan Cemetery


 This cemetery is located in Union Township, Huntingdon County, and can be accessed from Route 829 near the intersection of Chilcote’s and Morgan’s Roads.  There is an old abandoned school adjoining the cemetery.

 Some of the graves were very hard to read, and it is possible some of the dates and/or ages could be incorrect.

 Allison S, s/o Amon & C. Bumgardner, d. 3/7/1909 at 37y 1m 21d

 Henrietta d/o Amon & C. Bumgardner, d. 4/20/1888 at 20y 1d

 Lawrence Swoope, Sr. (this is a newer stone), Revolutionary War 1776, 1742-1794

 Catharine Bumgardner, d. 1/8/1859 at 32y 5m ?d

 John Bumgardner, d. 3/21/1872 at 80y

 Catharine Bumgardner, 7/6/1838-5/18/1920

 Amon Bumgardner, Co. D, 49th PA Inf., d. 3/5/1899

 Eve Bumgartner, d. 3/7/1869 at 63y

 Mary w/o John Bumgardner, d. 5/13/1860 at 81y

 John Bumgardner, d. 2/12/1851 at 77y 3m 12d

 Mary w/o Samuel Pheasant, d. 8/16/1881

 Samantha Pheasant, 6/5/1858-8/19/1906

 George Posten, 5/9/1832-2/12/1911

 Delila w/o Henry Prough, d. 11/1/1907 at 79y 10m

 Peter L. Posten, Co. G, 5 PRVC, d. 4/30/1902 at 68y 4m 5d

 William Posten, d. 3/8/1901 at 70y 7m

 Jacob Posten, d. 9/20/1849

 Mary Posten, d. 5/10/1877 at 81y 2m 0d

 Elizabeth w/o Jacob Curfman, d. ????????, at 84 y


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