Genealogy of the Woodcock Valley

Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania

Paradise Furnace Cemetery

This cemetery is located in the Trough Creek State Park in Todd Township, Huntingdon County.  The cemetery can be accessed from the Cemetery Trail.  The trail starts near the maintenance building. 

Moses McBarnicle, 9/4/1861 – 9/15/1863

 Henry Crum, d. 2/24/1830

 Nelson Crum

 M. McB  (This is not a footstone for Moses McBarnicle)

 R. Baker, 5/12/1752 – 12/19/1831

 H. C. DEc 2/24/1830

 MA & MK, 1805

 Jacob Hess, d. 3/20/1869 at 88 y

 Elizabeth Zimmerman, d. 4/3/1857 at 89 y

 Abraham Zimmerman, d. 11/20/1851 at 58 y 10 m 11d

 Henderson O. Crum, d. 8/21/1865 at 16 y 1 m 10 d

 There are many, many unmarked field stones in this cemetery.


Information on the history of the area can be found by clicking on the link for a brochure from Trough Creek State Park


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