Genealogy of the Woodcock Valley

Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania

Marklesburg School and Normal School


 The Marklesburg School and Normal School served as a classroom for local children as well as an educational facility to train young people to become teachers.  In a rural area, it was often difficult for young adults to attend high school and especially college.  The Normal School provided a training opportunity for those interested in pursuing an education.


The school building is located on Rt. 26 in Marklesburg.  It now serves as the James Creek Post Office on one side and as a meeting space for the Marklesburg Borough Council on the other side. 


Teachers at the School and Normal School

Teachers at the Marklesburg School

If you can add teachers to the tables below, please complete the Teacher Roll Call form, and I will add your information!

 Name Year
 Ruth (Fouse) Lauderbaugh 
 Mary Orma Shaffer 
 Hazel Crum 1934-1935
 Mrs. Moyer 1946 - 1947
 The year of this photo is not known, nor are the students, but Ruth (Fouse) Lauderbaugh, who is standing in the back row at the right.
 This photo was taken in 1947, and Mrs. Moyer was the teacher.  The students are unknown.
Teachers at the Normal School
 Name Year

Students at the Normal School

The following is a list of students who were known to have studied at the Marklesburg Normal School:


 Name Residence Year
 Nelson Keith Aitch 
 Flora M. Cramer  
 Edna Boyer  
 Maye Frank James Creek 
 Oscar Johnson  
 Florence B. Lincoln McConnellstown 
 George E. Corcelius  
 Gertrude Roland  
 Otto O. Stone  
 Charles Johnson  
 Samuel M. Schell Aitch 
 Ella M. Lininger Grafton 
 Ira A. Taylor Todd 
 Joseph Hess Orbisonia 
 Maude Vaughn Salter 
 Minnie S. Greenwood Furnace 
 Homer Miller  
 Maude Hetrick  
 Blanche Speck Huntingdon 
 Carrie A. Smith  
 Grace Isett Marklesburg Borough 
 Ada C. Householder Marklesburg Borough 
 John C. Householder Marklesburg Borough 
 Cora M. Shultz Marklesburg Borough 
 Grace L. Shultz Marklesburg Borough 
 John Wolfe Marklesburg Borough 
 Florence G. Heffner Marklesburg Borough 
 Mabel Heffner Marklesburg Borough 
 May Frank Marklesburg Borough 
 Stella Rice Marklesburg Borough 
 Olie Brumbaugh Marklesburg Borough 
 Blanche Boyer Marklesburg Borough 
 Mary Donelson Marklesburg Borough 
 Susan Garner Penn Township 
 Agnes Garner Penn Township 
 Blanche Speck Penn Township 
 Lizzie Grubb Penn Township 
 John H. McCall Penn Township 
 Madison H. Taylor Tod Township 
 Samuel I. Taylor Tod Township 
 Carry Heeter Tod Township 
 May Keith Tod Township 
 John C. Horton Tod Township 
Oscar Stone Tod Township 
 C. M. Baker Tod Township 
 J. N. Fouse Lincoln Township 
 H. S. Donelson Lincoln Township 
 John Ketterman Lincoln Township 
 Lottie Speck Juniata Township 
 Paul V. Heffner Juniata Township 
 Edith Miller West Township 
 Ida Miller West Township 
 Susan Weaver Hopewell Township 
 Ellis Hess  
 Martha (Grove) Kensinger  
 Rosenna (Lininger) Wells  
 L. E. Boyer Marklesburg Borough 1905
 D. Rolla Pheasant  
 Gilbert Daughenbaugh  
 Frank Wright  
 Carrie Chilcote  
 O. Pearle Crum  
 Lorane A. Mierley  
 Maye M. Homer  
 Wilmer A. Brumbaugh  
 Clyde Shultz  
 Xopher Beck  
 Winfield Garner  
 Doris R. Glasgow  
 Wilbur D. Swope  
 Harry Moore  





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