Genealogy of the Woodcock Valley

Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania


Cemetery Transcriptions

I have personally walked and recorded the tombstones in a number of cemeteries throughout the Woodcock Valley and in other areas of Huntingdon County.  I will share those transcriptions here for those who can't visit the area in person. 

In most cases, I transcribed the entire cemetery and recorded every grave. 

I have visited many other cemeteries that I did not transcribe completely.  Rather, I simply wrote down information on stones I found that I thought might fit into my family tree.  I will indicate if the transcription is only a partial listing.  Please understand that there are many other stones in the cemetery that I did not transcribe.  If someone else has transcribed these cemeteries, I will provide you with a link to view that source.

Hold your cursor over the Cemetery Transcriptions tab in the black strip to see a list of transcribed cemeteries that you can choose from and click on, or you can choose below:


Other Cemetery Transcriptions

You can also find other cemetery transcriptions that others have submitted at the following sites:

Huntingdon County Genealogy Project     and

Huntingdon County US GenWeb Archives

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