Snare Family Snare Family Allison H. Snare (b. 1851) He was the son of Nathan Snare, and is buried in the Union Cemetery in Marklesburg. 161379462 Allison H. Snare (b. 1851) 161379461 Allison Snare's Granddaughter The young lady in the photo was the granddaughter of Allison Snare. Her mother was Flora Snare. The gentleman in the photo is unknown. 161379463 Anna Mary (Snare) Lynn (1888-1956) Anna Mary was the daughter of Franklin Snare and Mary Jane Beaver. She married John Shultz Lynn. 161379754 Blair Snare Blair was the son of Royer and Mary (Hoover) Snare. 161379755 Blair Snare 161379756 Clarence Snare Family Mildred, Mabel, Lib, and Merle Snare. Clarence E. Snare (1878-1945) married Elizabeth D. Grove. Mabel, Mildred, and W. Merle were their children. 161379757 Snare and Norris Hunting Party Franklin Snare (1855-1946), Martha Alverta (Norris) Hess (1906-1937), Samuel Harvey Snare (1883-1933) on horse, John Martin Norris (1868-1943), and George William Snare (1885-1911). 161419746 Elizabeth (Prough) Snare (1823-1911) Elizabeth Prough married Nathan Snare. She was the mother of Frank, Royer, Allison, William, Nancy (Snare) Shultz, Eliza (Snare) Fink, and Sarah (Snare) Rhoads. Elizabeth is buried in the Union Cemetery in Marklesburg. 161419748 Snare Women Laura Snare, Carrie Snare, Betsy "Lizzie" Snare, Flora Snare, Lilly Snare. This photo was taken in Springfield, MO. 161419749 Women's Gathering - Liveringhouse, Snare, Eisenhugh, Beaver, Lynn, Grove Adults L-R: Mrs. Harold Knode, Mabel Liveringhouse, Jean (Eisenhuth) Hess, Mildred Henry or Hoover, Minola (Beatty) Craig, Annie (Beaver) Beatty, Ruth Lynn, Mrs. McMullen, Flora Grove, Mrs. Sam Beaver (Elsie), Clemma (Liveringhouse) Hetrick, Myrtle (Liveringhouse) Eisenhuth, Anna (Snare) Lynn. 161419750 Franklin Snare Family Franklin Snare, Samuel Snare, Allison Snare, Flora Grove, Anna Lynn, Ralph Grove, Hazel Lynn, Florine Grove, Allen Dean Lynn. 161419751 Snare Family Descendents Front L-R: Minnie Brumbaugh (daughter of Royer Snare), little Sam Beaver, Frank Snare, Maurice Snare (Royer's son). Back L-R: Wilmer Shultz (son of Nancy Snare), Clair Fink (son of Eliza Snare), Reese Rhodes (son of Sarah Snare), Blair Snare (Royer's son). 161419752 Flora Mae (Snare) Grove (1890-1972) Flora was the daughter of Franklin and Mary Jane (Beaver) Snare. Flora married James Harvey Grove. 161419753 Franklin Snare (1855-1946) Franklin holding hisgreat- granddaughter, Myla Hetrick. 161419754 Franklin Snare (1855-1946) 161419755 Franklin Snare (1855-1946) 161419756 Franklin Snare farm about 1920 From Clair Grove: Originally settled by Isaac Clymer because of the abundance of white oak, which Mr. Clymer used in his business of making barrels (cooper). Later bought by Jackson Beaver. Jackson Beaver sold the place to Frank Snare and his wife Mary Jane (Beaver) Snare who was a niece of Jackson Beaver. The Snare family was raised here and it later became the home of James H. Grove and Flora Mae (Snare) Grove, the youngest daughter of Frank and Mary Jane Snare. The Grove family was raised here till it was bought by the US Army Corps of Engineers for Lake Raystown. Juniata College of Huntingdon, PA now has a lease for a field station. Buildings from left are: smoke house, house, cooper shop, dry house, wood house, sanitary facility (outhouse), wash house, spring house, pig pen, and barn. 161524759 Franklin Snare home about 1925 161523863 Franklin Snare and his Daughters Flora Grove, Bertha Liveringhouse, Frank Snare, and Anna Lynn. 161523864 Snare Sisters Flora Mae (Snare) Grove (1890-1972), Clara Bertha (Snare) Liveringhouse (1878-1951), and Anna Mary (Snare) Lynn (1888-1956). They were the daughters of Franklin and Mary Jane (Beaver) Snare. 161419747 Frank Snare and Rick Eisenhuth Franklin Snare (1855-1946) and his great, great grandson, Rick Eisenhuth. 161523865 Frank Snare and Benjamin Fouse Grove Franklin Snare (1855-1946) and Benjamin Fouse Grove (1860-1942) 161523866 Frank Snare and Clair Hetrick Franklin Snare (1855-1946) and his grandson-in-law, Clair Hetrick (1911-2003). 161523867 George Snare (1885-1911) George was a son of Franklin (1855-1946) and Mary Jane (Beaver) Snare (1849-1929) 96704872 Frank and Mary Jane (Beaver) Snare Mary Jane (Beaver) Snare (1849-1929), and her husband, Franklin Snare (1855-1946). They were married March 7, 1878 by Rev. M. G. Boyer. They are buried at the UCC Cemetery in Marklesburg. 161523868 George William Snare (1885-1911) 161523872 George William Snare (1885-1911) George was the son of Franklin and Mary Jane (Beaver) Snare. He is buried in the UCC Cemetery in Marklesburg. 161523871 George William Snare (1885-1911) George Snare, on horse, in Golden, Colorado. This is a photo postcard addressed to Miss Flora Snare. The message says: March 10, 1910. Only a card. And part of my night crew will not work till Monday. R. & W. have quit the job on account of back pay due them; have leased all their machinery to K. Q. & R. Expect to start work Monday; don't know how long it will last as their a pretty tough co. As ever, George. A second copy of the same photo says: This is my dog with his mouth open. The fellow holding the dogs is one of the firemen. The old bachelor works in the firm. Don't we look like a two cent outfit? 161523870 George William Snare (1885-1911) It appears that George worked with or for a railroad crew at some point, perhaps in Golden, Colorado. 161523873 Samuel Snare, Flora Grove, and Mabel (Wolfe) Houp 161574082 Elizabeth D. (Grove) Snare (1877-1947) Lib Snare married Clarence E. Snare. 161574084 Franklin Snare Family Back L-R: George Snare, George Liveringhouse and Clemma, Flora Snare, Sam Snare, Anna, Harold, and John Lynn. Front Row L-R: Bertha Liveringhouse, Frank and Mary Jane Snare, Myrtle Liveringhouse. 161574085 Mary Jane (Beaver) Snare (1849-1929) She was the wife of Franklin Snare. She was the mother of Bertha, George, Sam, Anna, Flora and Irene and Howard, who died in infancy. 161574086 Mary Jane (Beaver) Snare (1849-1929) 161574087 Mary Jane (Beaver) Snare (1849-1929) 161574088 Mary Jane (Beaver) Snare (1849-1929) 161574089 Maurice Snare This is his team in the parade in Huntingdon in 1909. 161574090 Maurice Snare 161574091 Mildred Snare Mildred and her pet cow. 161574092 Nathan Snare (1828-1893) Nathan was the son of Conrad Snare (b. April 5, 1796) and Nancy Ann Clark (b. October 6, 1795). Nathan married Elizabeth Prough. Nathan was born February 3, 1828 and died January 17, 1893. He is buried in the Union Cemetery in Marklesburg. 161574095 Nathan Snare Home This was the birth place of Franklin Snare. 161574094 Nathan Snare Funeral Card Nathan was born in 1828 and died in 1893 at Aitch. 161574093 Royer Snare Family Mr. & Mrs. Royer Snare and children, Maurice, Blair, and Minnie. 161574097 Mr. & Mrs. Royer Snare and their Grandchildren 161574096 Sam Snare Samuel Snare was the son of Franklin and Mary Jane (Beaver) Snare. He is buried in the UCC Cemetery in Marklesburg. 161574103 Sam Snare 161574100 Sam Snare 161574099 Sam Snare 161574102 Sam Snare 161574101 Frank, Royer, and William Snare They were the sons of Nathan and Elizabeth (Prough) Snare. Frank is buried at the UCC Cemetery in Marklesburg, Royer at the Union Church Cemetery in Marklesburg, and William at the Old Stone Church Cemetery just outside of Marklesburg. 161574104 William Snare (1858-1923) William Snare married Margaret Garner. He was the father of Clarence Snare and Ada (Snare) Fouse. 161574105 Elizabeth (Cypher) Prough Elizabeth (Cypher) Prough, wife of Geo. Prough. She was the mother of Elizabeth (Prough) Snare who was the wife of Nathan Snare. She would be the grandmother of Frank Snare, son of Nathan Snare. Born around 1800, died 1860. Buried near Calvin. 161594831 Snare Family Gathering Back: Sam Snare, George Grove, Frank Snare, Clarence Snare, Ben Grove, Mrs. Will (Annie) Beaver (2nd wife). Middle: Florine Grove, Lib Snare, John Grove, Flora Grove, Mabel Houck, Mildred Harris, Arthur Houck. Front: Dean Grove, Dolly Harris, Junior Houck. 161617075 Clemma Mae (Liveringhouse) Hetrick Clemma was the daughter of George and Clara Bertha (Snare) Liveringhouse. She married Harry Leon Hetrick. 161615252 Snare Cousins Harold, Hazel, and Gladys Lynn; Clemma and Mabel Liveringhouse; Myrtle, Jean, and Freddie Eisenhuth; Florine, Ralph, and Allen Dean Grove. They were grandchildren of Franklin and Mary Jane (Beaver) Snare. 161615253 Myrtle R. (Liveringhouse) Eisenhuth (1900-1983) Myrtle was the daughter of Clara Bertha (Snare) and George Liveringhouse. Myrtle married Ralph Eisenhuth. 161615255 Robert Fink Bobbie died at the age of 5 years. 161621343 Clair Fink Clair was the son of Frank and Eliza (Snare) Fink. He was the father of Harold and Chester. 161621345 Clair Fink 161621349 Clair Fink 161621346 Clair Fink 161621347 Bessie Fink Bessie was the wife of Clair Fink. 161621342 Clair and Bessie Fink 161621348 Clair Fink 161621344 Frank and Eliza (Snare) Fink 161621350 Frank Fink Frank Fink married Eliza Snare. 161621352 Harold Fink 161621353 Harold Fink 161621354 Harold and Chester Fink 161621355 Harold Fink 161621356 Jean (Eisenhuth) Hess (1922-1966) Jean was the daughter of Myrtle R. (Liveringhouse) and Ralph Eisenhuth. She married Charles "Bill" Hess. 161630014 Frank Snare and his Grandchildren Jean Hetrick, Isabel Hetrick, Fred Eisenhuth, Janet, Charles "Jim", and Shirtley Hetrick with Grandpap, Frank Snare. 161655563 Clara Bertha (Snare) Liveringhouse (1878-1951) Bertha was the daughter of Franklin Snare and Mary Jane (Beaver) Snare. She married George Abraham Liveringhouse. 161655564 Mabel Irene Liveringhouse (1921-1968) Mabel was the daughter of Clara Bertha (Snare) and George Abraham Liveringhouse. 161655566 Mabel Irene Liveringhouse (1921-1968) Mabel was the daughter of Clara Bertha (Snare) and George Abraham Liveringhouse. 161655565 Mabel Houp and Flora Grove Mabel Houp and Flora Mae (Snare) Grove (1890-1972) 161701335 John Householder and Frank Snare John W. Householder (1855-1947). He married Barbara Anna C. Shultz. Frank Snare (1855-1946) married Mary Jane Beaver. In this photo, both men were 90 years old. 161701336 Mary "Polly" Ann Snare Daughter of Conrad and Ann Elizabeth Clark Snare. Wife of Samuel Kissinger. Contributed by Frank Showalter. 124517545 Anna Mary (Snare) Lynn (1888-1956) Annie was the daughter of Franklin and Mary Jane (Beaver) Snare. She married John S. Lynn. She was the mother of Harold, Hazel, Gladys, and Ralph. 161815094 Lizzie (Lampe) Miller Lizzie was the daughter of Isaac and Delilah (Kissinger) Lampe. She was the granddaughter of Polly (Snare) and Samuel Kissinger. 161833561 Flora (Snare) Norman Flora was the daughter of Allison Snare. 161837342 Alexander Parks Family Alexander Parks (1829-1912) with his wife, Delilah (Snare) Parks (1823-1902). They were the grandparents of Charles Johnson. I know that Alex and Delilah had at least two sons, John K. and William Henry. I am unsure of the daughter's name. 161837343