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Genealogy of the Woodcock Valley

Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania

Ella Glasgow Autograph Collection Ella Glasgow Autograph Collection Autographs Front cover of the autograph book. 131377817 Inside Cover There is a flower sticker on the inside of the front cover. 131377818 Cora Glasgow For Miss Ella Glasgow, A Christmas gift from Sister Cora. Lebanon, PA. December 25, 1882. 131377819 W. B. Matthew June 18, 1886. Miss Ella, Our friendship has budded on earth, may it blossom in Heaven. From your schoolmate, W. B. Matthew. 131377820 Dawn Livingston Dawn Livingston, Co. M., February 23, 1884. Darling soon I will be sleeping in the church yard over there where the grass and vines creeping birds are singing every where when the grass green above me and the springtime blossoms wave, you then while for sighing plant sweet flowers on my grave (yes, I will see that your grave is kept green if I have to paint it green.) 131377821 Carrie Burket Dear Ella, when sailing down the stream of life, five things observed with care - to whom you speak, of whom you speak, how, when, and where. Carrie Burket. Warriors Mark, May 14, 1886. 131377822 Ella S. Remember the we of the in Marklesburg at our residence in the old arm chair. 23rd Mch 1886. Friend Ella, when rocks and hills divide us and you no more I see just take your pen and paper and write a line to me. Your friend, Ella S. 131377823 William Heffner Ella, back to the school house, in the pines, thy smiling face recalls my mind. The scholars there so dear. Beneath the pine appeared when all are scattered now and fled. Some are married, some are dead, and when I ask, with throbs of pain. Ah - when shall we all meet again. Your friend, William Heffner, McConnellstown. 131377824 Jason Friend Ella: May that mental ray that lights and guards my soul on duty's lonely way inspire thee with a love for all that is truly good and great. Jason. Dec. 14, 1883. 131377825 Alice Shultz Friend Ella, Remember well and bear in mind a good true friend is hard to find, and when you find one just and true, change not the old one for the new. Your friend, Alice Shultz, Marklesburg, Mch 24, 1886 131377826 Ida J. Couch Miss Ella, May your happy days be long, may enemies be few, may your friends be many, may they all prove to be true. Sincerely yours, Ida J. (Couch) Hetrick. Cornpropsts Mills, 1-7-83. 131377827 H. H. Zimmerman Compliments of H. H. Zimmerman, LaGrange Co., Indiana. 131377828 Maggie Keith July 10, 1883. Miss Ella, Remember me as one of the many, who always wished you well. And I hope to be remembered when we shall part perhaps to meet no more. Your friend, Maggie Keith. 131377829 Harry S. McFarlin Friend Ella, May your life be one of happiness and sunshine is the wish of your friend, Harry S. McFarlin. Warriors Mark, May 14, 186. 131377830 Nancy J. Lynn Miss Ella, May all your years in joy be spent and each prove happier than the last. Your friend, Nancy J. Lynn. July 10, 1883. 131377831 J. A. Norris Ella, Love many, trust few, and always paddle your own canoe. J. A. Norris. Marklesburg, Pa. May 10 '84. 131377832 F. G. Brumbaugh Friend Ella, May the angels wreathe for thee a wreath of immortality is the wish of your friend, F. G. Brumbaugh. James Creek, Nov. 4, 183. 131377833 Lizzie Moug Dear Ella, In after years when you recall, old scenes of friendship dear cast back a thought on these few lines and think who placed them here, your friend and schoolmate, Lizzie Moug. Warriors Mark, Pa. May 3. 1886. Ella, ever remember the first time you visited me. The evening of May 1, 1886, also our conversation of nonsense. Remember the fish we caught. 131377834 W. G. Grove Miss Ella, May your years be years of profit. And your month be months of bliss. You weeks be spent so that your days be days of happiness. Sincerely yours, W. G. Grove. Huntingdon, 1-7-83, Co. 131377835 T. L. Wilson Miss Ella, Little minds are tamed and subdued by misfortune, but great minds rise above it. Your Friend, T. L. Wilson. Warriors Mark, Pa. May 5, '86. 131377836 I. D. C. Friend Ella, at summer's eve, when moon beams pale, illume the deep blue sea, oh think of me. Who loves that hour, yes - then remember me. Your friend, I. D. C. James Creek, Nov. 19, 1883. 131377837 Sadie Dickson Warriors Mark, Pa. Friend Ella, Friendship is a golden tie that binds dear hearts together. And if we never break that tie, we may be friends forever. Your friend, Sadie Dickson. April 30th, 1889. Remember our school days at Warriors Mark. 131377838 W. G. Duncan Feb. 19- '82, Friend Ella, May happiness be thy lot, and peace thy steps attend. Accept this tribute of respect from one who is thy friend. Your friend, W. G. Duncan. 131377839 Lee Shultz Dear Ella, As friends we chance did meet in joyous nobler ________. As though we're hopeful to meet again is the wish of your dear friend. And when separated by distances you will please turn to this page and remember the hand that traced theses lines. Your friend, Lee Shultz. May 10, 1888 131377840 Carrie Patsahke Dear Ella, In the hour of calm reflection, in the hour of social glee, if you are in recollection, never cease to think of me. Carrie Patsahke. Lebanon, Dec. 28th, 1882. 131377841 Emma Stover Friend Ella, It is not long since first I met thee, yet I've found the good and true. Now in time shall I forget thee, friendship ever shall endure. Your friend, Emma Stover. Feb. 25th, 1886. 131377842 Mollie A. (Shultz) Beaver Friend Ella, I wish you health. I wish you wealth. I wish you golden store. I wish you heaven after the death. What could I wish you more. Written by Mollie A. (Shultz) Beaver. July 8th, 1883 131377843 D. B. Querry Friend Ella, May they birthday ours be bright as you friend flower. D. B. Querry. 131377844 E. W. Patschke Compliments of E. W. Patschke 131377845 Maud M. White Ever remember your friend, Maud M. White. 131377846 J. R. B. Miss Ella, Though years may intervene "sunshine & storms" _________ and want, but when this you see your mind will revert to the time to the time & place you taught those not yet in their teens & moreover the instance when you were trying to learn play Y. D. Yours truly, J. R. B. Coffee Run, Pa. 6-/83. 131377847 Emma Querry Friend Ella, in your wreathe of memory, twine just one bud for me. Your friend, Mrs. Emma Querry. Dec. the 12, 15 1884. James Creek. 131377848 Laura Lynn Dear Ella, May your beauty ever shine like a blossom on a pumpkin vine. Your friend, Laura Lynn. June 10, 1883. Cousin. 131377849 Mattie A. Heffner For Ella, On earth when friends together meet, and find the passing moments _________ rapid motion soon __________ with grief to say dear friend, farewell. Your friend, Mattie A. Heffner. McConnellstown, Pa. 131377850 Lizzie Walker March the 21, 188. Lizzie Walker. When this you see, remember me. Huntingdon, Pa. 131377851 Bessie J. Stover Miss Ella. Grafton, Pa. February 20, 1886. When this you see, remember me. Though many miles apart we be, for dying is a Saviors love. I hope that we may meet above. Bessie J. Stover. 131377852 I. P. B. Miss Ella, Now that your subscription school at Coffee Run have closed, alas for aught, you know the door for the last have closed. Be that as it may, you have satisfaction given. And that too without much "__________ oil" given. Yours & c. Coffee Run, Pa. 7=6/83. I. P. B. 131377853 A. M. Heffner Sept. the 7, 1884. Miss Ella, Oft with tender recollection call to mind thy absent friend, cherish for him that friendship which I hope will never end. A. M. Heffner. 131377854 Cora Glasgow Dear Ella, Since autographs are all the rage, I'll write upon this page that you may have a happy life is the words of your sister. Cora. Dec. 29th, 1882. Lebanon, Pa. 131377855 H. A. Peightel Tis sweet to be remembered, tis sad to be forgot, then may it never be my lot to be remembered by you. Sept. the 12, 1884. H. A. Peightel. McConnellstown. 131377856 Minnie B. (Hamilton) Shuss Miss Ella, Long long be thy heart with sweet memories filled, like the vase in which roses have once been distilled. You may break, you may shatter the vase if you will, but the scent of the roses will hang round it still. Sincerely yours, Minnie B. (Hamilton) Shuss. Airy Dale. 1-7-83. 131377857 Laura Keefer Friend Ella, On this leaf in memory preast, may my name forever rest. Sincerely your friend, Laura Keefer. Warriors Mark. May 6, 186. Ever remember our walk on Sabbath every ___________________. 131377858 W. H. Shultz Friend Ella, These humble lines I trace. Time cannot change or age deface. They may be read and valued not when he who wrote them is forgot. Ever your friend, W. H. Shultz. January 4, 184. 131377859 Jessa Erb Friend Ella, I can write no better wish upon this spotless page than that your influence in life like the summer showers distill joy and gladness on all around and that your name may be inscribed in the Lamb's Book of Life are the wishes of your friend, Jessa Erb. Hollidaysburg, Penna. 5/30/84. 131377860 A. D. Miller Friend Ella, My pun is weak, but in my heart, truth, virtue, and chastity are always recognized as the true elements of a lady friend. A. D. Miller. December 15, 1883. 131377861 G. M. Glasgow Compliments of your cousin, G. M. Glasgow. May 10, 84. 131377862 Leo J. Kyper Miss Ella, May your life be long and prosperous is the wish of a friend. Leo J. Kyper. 8-24-1884. 131377863 Abbie Krieger Within this book so pure and white, yet none but friends presume to write, and may each line with friendship given, direct the readers thoughts to heaven. Written by Abbie Krieger. 131377864 Effie (G) B. Miss Ella, May your years all fly away; like before the sun. And when you have nothing else to do, just think of me for fun. Effie (G) B. April 5th, 1884, Saturday. 131377865 N. G. Ellenberger Miss Ella, Compliments of your school mate, N. G. Ellenberger. June 18th, 86. 131377866 M. E. Q. When the golden sun is setting, and the bids are flying free, if thou thinkest of any, while thou cast a thought to me. As ever your friend, M. E. Q. 131377867 Peightel Miss Ella, When in after years, these lines will never be forgot. Your friend, Peightel. 131377868 Chas. E. C. Ella, On the broad highway of action, friend of worth are far and few, but when one has proved his friendship, cling to him who clings to you. Your friend, Chas. E. C. Grantsville, April 7, 1884. If you wish to laugh, just glance at my autograph. 73. Remember spelling school lessons. Lights rather than ______________. 131377869 W. E. Houck Miss Ella, Your allowing is __________ golden spot in which to write forget me not. Your friend, W. E. Houck. June 18th. Krider Valley, Hunting Co., Pa. 131377870 Sallie Shultz Friend Ella, When the dews of eve are falling, and your mind from cave is free, if of absent friends your thinking, then sometime think of me. Your friend, Sallie Shultz. Coffee Run. Feb. 4, 1884. 131377871 K. Laura Fockler Dear Ella, In the springtime of life, when each need an umbrella, may yours be upheld by a handsome young fellow. Your friend, K. Laura Fockler. Saxton, Penna. June 27, 1884. 131377872 Dessie "Dolly" (Glasgow) Shultz Sister Ella, Ella and Dessie is our name; Marklesburg is our station. We will marry who we please, in spite of our relations. Dessie (Glasgow) or "Dolly" Shultz. Sunday in 1884. Spelling. 131377873 H. B. Norris Ella, What write in your album for critics to spy, for the learned to laugh at, no not I. H. B. Norris. Feb. 16th, 86. 131377874 H. C. T. Miss Ella, A stranger's name in your autograph, you may not wish to see, but whether you frown or laugh, here it is. H. C. T. December 1883. Marklesburg, Pa. 131377875 Jesse To Ella, In memories casket, save on thought for me. Ever your friend, Jesse. Youngstown, O. 6/30/85. 131377876 J. R. B. Miss Ella, Please accept my regards as a friend. "Words fitly spoken are like apples of gold in pictures of silver." Bible. C. R. (Coffee Run) - 7=6/83. J. R. B. 131377877 Grace G. Ella, be kind to your lover. Half the girls don't know the pleasure of having a _______. Grace G. April 28, 1884. Remember leap year and the carpet rag party. G. G. 131377878 Luther Boyer Miss Ella, Some write when they are willing; how to make a living; others write for fame, but I write to sign my name. Luther Boyer. Marklesburg, 11/22/83. 131377879 F. M. D. Friend Ella, In your chain of memory, regard me as a link. From a friend, F. M. D. Coffee Run, March the 1st, 1885. Remember the time this was written. 131377880 Val Dear Ella, The happiest life that ever was led is always to court and never to wed. Away back here out of sight, I'll write my name with all my might. Your chum, Val. Marklesburg. 131377881 Annie M. McCall February the 18th, 1886. Miss Ella, We looked these pages 'ore and 'ore to see what others wrote before and in this little lonely spot I'll here inscribe - forget me not. Your friend, written by, Miss Annie M. McCall. 131377882 Harvey Reed Nov. 22, 1883. Miss Ella, Men's love is like scotch snuff; you take a pinch and that's enough. Profit by this safe advice - when you fall in love - think twice. Your friend, Harvey Reed 131377883 Ada N. White Dear Friend, In after years recall old scenes and friendship this dear. Will you not cast one look on and think who penned it here. Your friend, Ada N. White. Mch. 7, 1886. 131377884 Flora M. Donelson Friend Ella, Do all the good you can, to all the people you can, when and where ever you can. Then get your life insured and live as long as you can, and don't forget to say your prayer. I remain your friend, Flora M. Donelson. Coffee Run, Pa. Mch the 24, 185. 131377885 O. S. Ella, When the shades of eve are falling 'ore the dark and lonely sea, when the whipperwill is calling, will you often think of me. O. S. Feb. the 14, 1886. 131377886 I. R. B. Miss Ella, Please accept my compliments and trust me as a friend. "A friend in time of need is a friend indeed." Yours truly, I. R. B. C. R. (Coffee Run), Pa. 7=6/83. 131377887 S. Lowes Miss Ella, A lone friend is better than gold. Your friend, S. Lowes. June 12th, 86. Warriors Mark. 131377888 Back Cover 131377889

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