Lynn Family Lynn Family Franklin (1855-1946) and Mary Jane (Beaver) (1849-1929) Snare Family Under the photo reads: Back L-R: George Snare, son of Frank and Mary Jane (Beaver) Snare (no children); George Liveringhouse holding Howard - choked on a screw and died; Flora Snare Grove - my mother; Samuel Snare (no children); Anna Mary Snare Lynn - baby Harold - and John Shultz Lynn. Front L-R: Clara Bertha Snare Liveringhouse; Franklin and Mary Jane (Beaver) Snare; Myrtle Liveringhouse. 1. Uncle Geo Snare died from T. B. 2. Uncle Sam Snare was crippled. 3. Uncle Geo Liveringhouse burst appendix. 4. Uncle John Lynn luekemia. 5. All of the girls had diabetes including Myrtle, daughter of Bertha (Beaver side ailment) 124635120 Franklin Snare (1855-1946) 124635144 Frank Snare's Birthday 124635146 Frank Snare's Birthday 124635145 Birthday 124635147 Birthday 124635148 Birthday 124635249 Birthday 124635250 Birthday 124635251 John Russell Lynn Family Photo is labeled: Standing from Left: George A. Shontz, George W. Shontz, Cora (Lynn) Shontz, Nancy (Lynn) Ford, Nellie Blanche (Shontz) Hamilton. Seated from Left: John R. Lynn, Nancy (Shultz) Lynn, baby Richard L. Hamilton Sr., girl standing Mary Beulah Ford. Circa 1913 124635130 John Russell Lynn Family The photo is labeled: 1. John R. Lynn driving, 2. Nancy J. (Shultz) Lynn, 3. Mary Beulah Ford, 4. Richard L. Hamilton Sr., 5. Cora (Lynn) Shontz, 6. George A. Shontz, 7. Nellie Blanche (Shontz) Hamilton, 8. George W. Shontz Jr., 9. Nancy (Lynn) Ford, 10. Andrew Charles Lynn. Circa 1913. 124635131 John and Anna (Snare) Lynn This is their wedding photo. They were married on January 1, 1908. 115702898 The Lynn Family John (1880-1946) and Anna (Snare) Lynn (1888-1956) with children Hazel (1913-2003) and Harold (1908-1984) 115702897 Harold and Hazel Lynn Harold Lynn and sister Hazel (Lynn) Hetrick 115702903 Lynn Sisters Hazel "Peggy" (Lynn) Hetrick (1913-2003) with her baby sister, Gladys Irene Lynn (1922-1926) 115702905 Lynn Children Hazel (Lynn) Hetrick (right) with two unidentified girls and Ralph Lynn on the wagon 115702900 The Lynn Men Standing Harold Lynn (left) and John Lynn with Ralph Lynn on the wagon 115702901 John, Anna (Snare), and Ralph Lynn John (1880-1946) and Anna (Snare) Lynn (1888-1956) with son Ralph "Jake" Lynn (1927-1984) 115702894 Lynn Family Photo is labeled: Ralph, Hazel, Myla, Peg, Ruth, Anna, John Lynn. L to R: Ralph "Jake" Lynn (1927-1984), Harold Lynn (1908-1984), Hazel "Peggy" (Lynn) Hetrick (1913-2003) holding Myla (Hetrick) Norris, Ruth (McMillin) Lynn (1904-2004), Anna (Snare) Lynn (1888-1956) and John Lynn (1880-1946). 124635125 Four Generations Four generations: Hazel "Peggy" (Lynn) Hetrick (1913-2003), baby Myla (Hetrick) Norris, Anna (Snare) Lynn (1888-1956) and Frank Snare (1855-1946). 115702893 John and Anna (Snare) Lynn 115702899 Anna (Snare) Lynn Anna Lynn 115702902 John Lynn Getting Ready to Load for the Market 124635123 John S. Lynn (1880-1946) Going to Market 124635124 Jake and Harold Lynn with Bob Garner 124635142 Jake and Harold Lynn with Bob Garner L to R: Bob Garner, Harold Lynn and Ralph Lynn 124635143 Reunion This reunion photo was taken at Hazel "Peggy" (Lynn) and Clair "Pappy" Hetrick's home. 115702911 4th of July Reunion 115702910 John Lynn Blacksmith Shop at Lynn Homestead 124635122 Lynn Homestead about 1920 115702907 The Lynn Farm 115702890 Lynn Barn 115702906 Lynn Homestead about 1965 115702908 Butchering at Lynn Homestead The photo is labeled: Ben Beaver, Hazel, Margaret, Wayne, Mom, Dad. 124635121 Butchering at Pappy and Peggy (Lynn) Hetrick's This photo is labeled: Butchering: Hazel, Mom Lynn, Ruth, Harold, Aunt Flora, Myla. 124635132 Butchering This photo is labeled: Peg, Mom, Ruth, Harold, Aunt Flora, Myla. 124635134 Butchering 124635136 Butchering 124635137 Lynn Picnic at Old Forge Photo is labeled: Clockwise from bottom left: John S. & Anna Lynn, Jean Hetrick ?, Ralph Lynn, Dean Hetrick ?, Harold Lynn, Ruth Lynn, Clair Hetrick 124635126 Picnic 124635127 Picnic 124635128 Picnic 124635129 Corn Husking This photo is labeled: James Grove farm; Lynn Farmall H and husker. 124635139 Corn Husking This photo is labeled: James Grove Barn; Lynn Farmall H and husker. 124635140 Lynn/Grove This photo is labeled: From left - Ralph Lynn, Harry Taylor, Harold Lynn, Sam Gearhart. 124635141 John Lynn 124635252 Lynns This photo is labeled: Ralph, John, Harold, Mom, Dad Lynn. 124635253 Lynns 124635254 Harold Lynn and Johnny This photo is labeled: Dad, John, Harold. 124635255 Ralph "Jake" Lynn 124635256 Harold and Ruth Lynn This photo is labeled: John L., Ruth, John getting X-mas tree. 124635257 Christmas Tree Time 124635258 Anna Mary (Snare) Lynn (1888-1956) Anna was the daughter of Frank and Mary Jane (Beaver) Snare. She married John S. Lynn. 160384146 Anna and Harold Lynn Anna Mary (Snare) Lynn (1888-1956) and her son, W. Harold Lynn (1908-1984). 160384147 Gladys Irene Lynn (1922-1926) Gladys was the daughter of Anna Mary (Snare) and John S. Lynn. 160384148 Gladys and Hazel Lynn Gladys Irene Lynn (1922-1926) and her sister, Hazel Marie (Lynn) Hetrick (1913-2003) 160384149 Gladys Irene Lynn (1922-1926) Gladys was the daughter of Anna Mary (Snare) and John S. Lynn. She died April 14, 1926. 160384150 W. Harold Lynn (1908-1984) Harold was the son of Anna Mary (Snare) and John S. Lynn. 160384151 Harold and Hazel Lynn Siblings - W. Harold Lynn (1908-1984) and Hazel Marie (Lynn) Hetrick (1913-2003). 160384152 Harold and John Lynn Father and son - W. Harold Lynn (1908-1984) and John S. Lynn (1880-1946) 160384153 W. Harold Lynn (1908-1984) 160384154 Hazel and Harold Lynn Siblings - Hazel Marie (Lynn) Hetrick (1913-2003) and W. Harold Lynn (1908-1984). 160384155 Hazel and Harold Lynn Siblings - Hazel Marie (Lynn) Hetrick (1913-2003) and W. Harold Lynn (1908-1984). 160384156 John S. Lynn (1880-1946) 160384157 John S. Lynn's Blacksmith Shop 160384158 Family Gathering at John S. Lynn's House The people in this photo are not identified but most likely include Lynn, Snare, Grove, and/or Liveringhouse, and Eisenhuth. 160384159 Hazel and Clair Hetrick with Ruth Lynn Hazel Marie (Lynn) Hetrick (1913-2003), her sister-in-law, Ruth E. (McMillin) Lynn (1904-2004), and her husband, Clair S. Hetrick (1911-2003). Ruth was married to W. Harold Lynn. The three were doing beans at the home of Clair Grove (notice the wheelbarrow full!). 161653691 W. Harold Lynn (1908-1984) 161815548 Hazel Marie Lynn (1913-2003) 161815550 Hazel Marie (Lynn) Hetrick (1913-2003) Hazel married Clair Hetrick. 161815549 Ralph E. Lynn (1927-1984) 161815552 John S. Lynn (1880-1946) 161816458 George W. Shontz, Jr. Family Cora Elizabeth (Lynn) Shontz (1876-1921) with her husband, George W. Shontz, Jr. (1870-1942) and children Grace Nora, John Harvey, Nellie Blanche, Charles Roy, and Catharine Myers (1895-1920). 161846107 Merle Lynn? 1909-1989 I'm trying to identify the man in the photo. I've been told he is Merle Lynn, born in Huntingdon County, PA in 1909 and died in Lancaster County, PA in 1989. If anyone can confirm or correct this, it would be much appreciated! 203960249