Isaac and Rachel (Shultz) Grubb Collection I Isaac and Rachel (Shultz) Grubb Collection I 117462167 Dedication Inside Photo Album "Mr. and Mrs. I. B. Grubb, Mommie and Daddy, % daughter Martie Robbins, "Linger Longer"" 115647189 Martin Shultz (1828-1889) "Grandpa Shultz, My Dear Old Daddy." 115018137 Martha "Mattie" Jane Grubb (1871-1951) "Dadis sister Mattie Grubb" 115272684 Elsie M. Shultz (1886-1964) and Henry Hetrick "My niece Elsie Shultz an her friend Henry Hetrick" 115132309 Charles Henry Shultz (1888-1957) "Charles Shultz, my nephew" 115707018 Lee Ross Shultz, Sr. (1899-1990) "Nephew Lee Shultz" 115068090 Lewis, Lizzie (Brumbaugh) and Blair Shultz "Brother Lewis, Aunt Lizzie, dear son little Blair" 115068089 Milton Blair Shultz (born 1891) "My nephew Blair Shultz, bro. Lewis Lizzie son" 115068091 Shultz Family "When this was taken we lived in the little house on the farm where we lived 50 years." 115130571 Ralph Warren Shontz (1909-1993) "Sisters son Warren Shontz" 115707307 Bedie and Alice Shultz "Cousins of mine Bedie and Alice Shultz." 115273942 Shultz Cousins "My my two cousins" 115334490 Harvey Shultz "Cousin Harvey Shultz" 115707022 Frank and Alice (Shultz) Fouse "Frank Fouse an wife my cousin Alais Shultz" 115650593 This photo looks like it says "Lawrence or Lorenzo Harris or Norris, but underneath the name it says "he boarded with us when Gertie was 3 years old" 115707023 Maggie The first name on this photo is Maggie. Her last name may be something like Beaver, Weaver, Summers. 115707024 Fred Snyder "Fred Snyder, a friend" 115333737 Miss Crownover 115647194 Charles Hesse "Charles Hesse, a friend" 115131440 Dr. George Knode "Dr. Knode, This was the Dr. that was with me when my Carl and Martie Kitty was born." 115131942 Francis McGahan "Francis McGahan" 115707012 Miss Ida Boyer "Miss Ida Boyer, a friend" 115707011 Rev. Rosse, Lutheran Preacher "Rev. Rosse, Lutheran Preacher" 115707015 115647190 115650594 115650595 115647191 115647192 Across the top of the photo, it is labled as somebody's "mother" 115707014 115707020 115707017 115707019 115707016 117462169 117462168 Martin Shultz reposting portrait, which is no longer showing in photo #3 204098766