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Posted on March 23, 2011 at 7:28 PM

When I started researching my dad's family, I was just fascinated by Casper Fisher (1824-1891).  He was my civil war veteran and a mystery man for a fledgling genealogist.  There were so many stories about him:  he came over on the boat from Germany with a brother, his log cabin stood empty for years with his civil war jacket still hanging inside, he was buried some where other than with his first wife, he was the tallest man in Huntingdon County...the stories just went on and on, and were a major reason of why I became so involved in genealogy.  I have since proved that Casper Fisher was born in neighboring Bedford County, the buttons from his civil war coat may still exist, he was buried separately from his first AND second wives, and I have some obituaries that say he was one of the tallest men in Huntingdon County!


In my search for more information on Casper Fisher, I met with family friend and local historian/genealogist, Clair Grove.  Clair had a book on the Beaver family, which he shared with me.  Casper Fisher was first married to Margaret Harker.  Together, they had seven children.  However, I only knew about six of them when I first started out.  According to the Beaver book, their first daughter, Mary Jane, died as an infant.  She was buried in the Gap Cemetery.  I asked Clair where the Gap Cemetery was.  Being almost a native of the area and a history buff, why didn't I know about this cemetery?  Clair explained to me that the Gap Cemetery was located near the Entriken Bridge in Lincoln Township, Huntingdon County, PA.  According to Clair, the cemetery just "disappeared" one day. 


Knowing about the construction of Raystown Lake and that 13 cemeteries had to be relocated, I inquired if this was a possibility.  Clair said the Gap Cemetery was never moved.  He wondered if the stones were moved for reconstruction of the highway.  However, in my preparations to write this blog entry, I consulted the book, The Lost and Forgotten Cemeteries of Huntingdon County Pennsylvania, by Linneria B. Wheland from 1988, to see if she mentioned the Gap Cemetery.  Low and behold...she did!  While the cemetery was referred to as the Gap Cemetery by locals, it was given the name of Farber Cemetery, most likely by the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers, who did relocate the cemetery for the construction of Raystown Lake.  They recorded 16 burials in this cemetery; 14 of which were unknown.


I have information on three burials in my records:

  • John Morningstar (1813-1854)
  • Frederick Morningstar (1834-1854)
  • Mary Jane Fisher (1846-1846)

Two of the stones were inscribed and belonged to:

  • Ephraim M. Farber (d. 1845 at 37 years)
  • Jeremiah Smallman (d. 1853 at 9 years)

Linneria "Polly" Wheland also mentioned in her book that she found the following in the Beaver family book:

  • Amos Parks (1855-1858)


This accounts for 6 of the 16 stones in the Gap Cemetery.  The Gap Cemetery (also known as the Farber Cemetery) had some early burials from the Woodcock Valley area. Do you know of any other people who were buried there without a marked stone?  With the exception of John Morningstar, who was relocated to the Entriken Cemetery, the other graves were supposedly reinterred at the White Church Cemetery.


If you have more information on the Gap Cemetery, or know of another family member that was originally buried there, please add a comment to this blog post!

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Reply Frank Showalter
10:42 PM on April 23, 2011 
I found this.
Trepanier Family Tree
Casper Fisher, b. 1822 in Pa. d. 18 Jan 1891 in Grafton, Huntingdon, Pennsylvania, USA
Spouse: Elizabeth
Father: Henry Fisher b. 8 Jul 1798 in Westmoreland, Pennsylvania.
d. 22 Oct 1875 in Point, Northumberland, Pennsylvania.
Mother: Christina Dilling b. 1803 in Pennslyvania. d. 1877 in Pennslvania.
Residence 1860 and 1870: Liberty, Bedford, Pennsylvania.
Henry's father:
George Fisher, b. 1765 in Pennsylvania. d. 1823 in Pennslvania.
Henry's mother: Catherine Hauger b. 1765 in Pennslvania, d. 1850 in Pennslvania.
Residence in 1850: South Slipperyrock, Lawrence, Pennsylvania .
Short Bio
"George Fisher came about 1801-2, and settled where Jacob Fisher now lives. After George Fisher died, his son Henry purchased the interest of the rest of the heirs. Henry Fisher died in the Fall of 1875, and his son Jacob now occupies the place."
George Fisher's Father: Johannes Georg Fisher, d. 1795
George Fisher's Mother: Dorothea
Reply Deb (Fisher) Riley
4:34 PM on April 24, 2011 
Frank, this is really interesting, and while bits and pieces of the info are correct, by and large, it does not fit my family info at all on the ancestors of Casper Fisher. Can you give me a web address for the family tree you found? I would like to make some contacts and see where the info is coming from. Thanks!
Reply Jim Gresham
8:37 PM on August 4, 2011 

We recently found some papers that belong to my wife's aunt that had some family history information. I estimate that this information was compiled in the 1930's or early 1940's by an unknown (to me) cousin. There about 27 typewritten pages -- with lots of typos and misspellings. In reading through it there are two burials noted in the "Entrekins Gap Cemetery near Entrekins Bridge, Huntingdon Co., Pa." I assume this should be Entriken.
The two burials are Mary Jane Enyeart (Aug. 17, 1839 - Nov. 24, 1841) and Wilma Enyeart (March 15, 1851 - March 18, 1852) daughters of Thomas Enyeart and Mary Wilson Glasgow.
Reply Deb (Fisher) Riley
11:10 PM on August 4, 2011 
Jim, that is a wonderful find! I'm sure it is the same cemetery, because all of the death dates are so close together. I think we can add two more names to the 16 graves! :) Thanks for sharing!
Reply Louretta
9:25 PM on January 28, 2013 
Hmmm, is there any possibility your Casper Fisher may be related to our Casper Fisher, Somerset County, PA 1900 who is said to have come over from germany, had a wife Catherine also from Germany. Both born 1836.
I know, a long shot, but what the heck.
Thank you!
Reply Deb (Fisher) Riley
9:33 PM on January 28, 2013 
Louretta, I'm sorry, but my Casper Fisher is different. He was born in 1824 in either Huntingdon or Bedford County, PA, a son of Henry Fisher and Christiana Dilling. His first wife was Margaret Harker, a native of Huntingdon County. My family history was the Casper came from Germany with a brother named William, but I have since proven that the Fisher family has been in the US for many generations before Casper.