Residents and Businesses of Aitch


Names are listed for each building from the oldest known resident to the last to live/operate there.  The buildings are in order starting with the South Side of Aitch; those houses on the right side of the road going into Aitch from Marklesburg.  They then start back on the North Side of Aitch; those houses on the left going into Aitch from Marklesburg.  Finally, the buildings that were outside of Aitch going toward the Old Raystown are in the order you would have found them.



Family Names

Other Info

South Side of Aitch

Farm 1

Charles & Elma (Feagley) Crum


House 1

Dr. Pennypacker

John H. & Anna (Kyler) Riley

Harry Brenneman

William R. & Grace (Riley) Weller

August & Ida (Faldt) Moberg

John & Zelda (Brindle) Enyeart

John & Anna Riley farmed the property

Barn 1

Dr. Pennypacker’s Barn


House 2

Harry G. & Anna (Keith) Boyer

Samuel Harold & Mildred (Speck) Boyer

There was a house and barn on this property

House 3

John Martin & Martha Jane (Grubb) Norris

George Luden & Anna (Sidler-Quinn) Norris


House 4

Mrs. Elizabeth (Garner) Cunningham

Earl D. & Mabelle (Cunningham) Replogle


House 5

Paul & Mildred Moore

Jesse & Maggie (Shultz) Rodgers


Post Office 1


Store 1

C. M. Magill

Anthony J. & Martha (Shoup) Beaver

Edgar Baker

Charles J. A. & Bertha (Adams) Hess

Charles J. A. & Hazel Hess


*The names above were provided by the late Clair Hetrick.  However, local historian, Clair Grove, says that the store was at one time owned by Butch Enyeart, and that he housed the post office inside the store.

Post Office and

General Store

Railroad Tracks 1

Huntingdon & Broadtop Mountain Railroad

Looking toward Trough Creek

Water Tank

Huntingdon & Broadtop Mountain Railroad

Looking south from the station

House 6

William H. Rodgers

Franklin M. & Zelda (Gosnell) Enyeart


House 7

Hugh & Mildred (Snare) Harris


House 8

A Side –    Scott Schell

                   Milton H. & Elizabeth (Kyler) Garner

                   Burton I. & Bessie (Grove) McCall

B Side –     Robert & Wanda (McCall) Thom

General Store at one time

House 9

Clarence E. & Elizabeth (Grove) Snare

Frank & Carrie (Shultz) Gosnell


House 10

Benjamin & Catherine (Stone) Lynn

Raymond & Mary (Baker) Lynn

David & Catherine (Rinker) Enyeart


House 11

Madison & Verna (Hetrick) Lynn

Paul Moore

Richard & Margie (Beaver) Thompson


* There is some confusion surrounding this building.  John Lynn and Clair Grove both say it was Haffley’s Tin Shop and that Edith Grubb rented it, followed by Paul & Doris (Wentz) Norris who lived there last.  However, Jean Bookwalter says Edith rented above the store, and that she remembers Gail Forshey and then an old lady living there.  The three names above were provided by the late Clair Hetrick.

Haffley’s Tin Shop at one time



House 12

M. Ellsworth & Martha (Richardson) Dell

Paul & Mary (Stone) Moberg

Sam & Mary Kyler, siblings

Raymond & Alice (Culbertson) Isett

Jim & Helen Wooley


House 13

Walter & Dorothy Eisenhuth

John & Zelda (Brindle) Enyeart

Lloyd & Ethel (Stone) Hearn


North Side of Aitch

House 14

Robert & Mary Edith (Garner) Gilbert


House 15

Cyrus & Mary Catherine (Garner) Ebersole

Mrs. Gladys (Ebersole) Conlon

Anthony & Blanche (Corbin) Knode

Earl & Loretta Tory


House 16

Mrs. Mary E. Nicodemus

Paul & Mary (Stone) Moberg

Charles & L. Pauline (Fisher) Rodgers


Barn 2

Reynold’s Horse Barn

This barn disappeared from the Aitch landscape fairly early on

House 17

A Side –    Hamilton T. & Ruth (Grove) Reynolds

                   H Doyle “Roney” & Gladys (Shultz) Brindle 

B Side –     James Roy & Martha (Norris) Hess

                   Ralph & Dorothy (Rodgers) Brindle


House 18

Martin Luther & Dessa (Glassgo) Shultz

W. Harold & Ruth (McMillin) Lynn

Carrie Richardson

The house behind the telephone pole

House 19

Mrs. Auman

James Roy & Martha (Norris) Hess

James Hess was the tax collector

House 20

Milton H. & Mary Elizabeth (Kyler) Garner

Ralph & Dorothy (Rodgers) Brindle


House 21

Jesse Calvin & Maggie (Shultz) Rodgers

Chester & Jenny Fox


Post Office 2 and Store 2

General Store & Post Office


*The building was owned by Jess Rodgers and later moved by Charles Hess behind his large general store for storage.

This was the second location of the post office before it was moved to the railroad depot

House 22

Raleigh “Rolo” & Ruth Thompson


Railroad Depot


Post Office 3

Railroad Depot & Post Office

PO AITCH 16610

Railroad Tracks 2

Huntingdon & Broadtop Mountain Railroad


Looking north toward Huntingdon

House 23

Coller Family

Burt Moore

Amelia Hampton


House 24

A Side –    J. Thomas & Ida (Richardson) Gosnell

                   Raymond & Anna (Anderson) Rinker

B Side –     Jay & Edith (Rinker) Lloyd


House 25

Royer & Mary Jane Snare

Lee & Lillian (Powell) Rodgers


House 26

Jay & Edith (Rinker) Lloyd

Ralph & Violet (Rinker) Dean


House 27

Franklin Clair & Anna (McCall) Isett


House 28

Burt Brenneman

Maggie Brenneman

Bev Souders

The house behind the tree

House 29

Charles & Ida Boyer

Roy & Ruby Steele

Charles and Ida Boyer were siblings

House 30

Madison & Martha Pearl (Gosnell) Lynn


Houses and Businesses Beyond Aitch

School 1

Grantsville School

Located along the Backbone Road

House 31

Paul Swope

Located along the Backbone Road

House 32

Merle Snare

Sim Felton

House in the background of this photo; along the Backbone Road

House 33

Solomon G. & Leona (Wentz) Norris

House in the foreground of this photo; along the Backbone Road

House 34

Nathan & Elizabeth (Prough) Snare

William & Mae Snare


House 35

George Schell

Solomon & Margaret E. (Corcelius) Norris

Preston & Mary (Richardson) Greene


Store 3

Jeremiah & Mary Catherine (Schell) Keith’s Store


Mill 1

Grant Mill


Built by John S. Isett;

Operated by James Keith and Edward Hallyer; Last owned and operated by Charles Hoover

House 36

Samuel & Mary Ann (Snare) Kissinger

There was a house and barn on this property

House 37

James H. & Flora (Snare) Grove

House 38

Jacob H. Isett

Harrison & Sarah (Hendershot) Richardson




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