Effie Mae Clapper, born 8/11/1881, married first Charles Cunningham and second Cecil Norris

Irene Dick married a Norris

John Garner, a son of John Matthew Garner, was born 6/18/1819.  He married first Eleanor Norris.  They had 10 children.  He married second Martha Adams.  They had 4 children.  His siblings include:  Catharine (12/25/1811-6/7/1893) who married John Beaver on 4/17/1831 and they had 11 children, Susan (5/23/1813-4/8/1884) who married Henry Boyer and they had 6 children, Elizabeth (8/11/1816-March 1889) who married James K. Isett and they had 11 children, George (10/26/1821-) who married Rachel Sorrick and they had 6 children, Samuel B. (5/23/1828-7/26/1888) who married Susanna Sorrick and they had 5 children.

Bertha Hainley, daughter of John Hainley and Barbara Thomas, married a Norris

Leslie T. Hetrick, born 7/4/1908, a son of Nicholas E. Hetrick and Anna Mae Shonter, married Pearl Norris.  They had 2 children.

Alice Norris married Watson Bury Ray

Elda Norris married William Isenberg on 9/17/1908.  Children include:  Carl, Virgil, Ethel Eastep, Ruth Corbin.

Eliza Norris married Samuel B. Smith

Furlie Norris married a daughter of Jacob and Margaret Teeter Ridenour

Margaret Shoup(7/19/1836-3/21/1908), a daughter of David and Abigail Evans Shoup, married Isaac Norris, and they had 3 children.