Calvin E. Norris died 12/12/1960 in the Altoona Hospital.  He was buried in the Presbyterian Cemetery in Williamsburg.  He was born 5/4/1877, a son of Henry B. and Annie Parks Norris.  He first married Betty Elizabeth Hamilton.  Next, he married Jessie Louello Seif in Norwich, OH, who died December 3.  He was a supervisor/carpenter at Williamsburg Pulp and Paper; he retired 3 years ago.  Children include:  Theresa Kagarise, Gertrude Russell, one son deceased.

Clara Alice Brumbaugh, daughter of Susan Bechtel (9/28/1838-4/9/1910) and David Boyer Brumbaugh (10/29/1832-10/15/1908), was born 11/7/1858 and died 9/17/1930.  She married Jacob Grove Norris.  They had no children.  Siblings include:  Elizabeth (4/7/1861-9/12/1864), John (5/22/1864-5/29/1865), Irvin Bechtel (12/16/1866-) who married Rachel Gertrude McCall, Anna Agnes (4/21/1875-) married Frank Myers.

Dorothy Norris died 9/18/1954.  She was born 6/24/1905 near Williamsburg, a daughter of Isaac B. and Verna Fox Norris.  She married Edgar F. Appleman on 7/3/1925 in the Williamsburg Lutheran parsonage.  Siblings include:  Donald E., Hannah Snare, Mildred Morgan, Romaine Funk, Phyllis Graziano, Harry, Helen Ward, Miss Jean Norris.  A daughter, Janet, died in March 1954.  Burial in the Presbyterian Cemetery in Williamsburg.

Jessie Louella Norris died 12/3/1960.  She was born in Sundale, Norwich, OH, a daughter of William and Barbara Gallagher Felf.  She married Calvin E. Norris on 12/24/1908.  Siblings include:  Goldie Starrett.