Huntingdon County Historical Society

Ada Yocum of Walker Township married William Bush of Juniata Township on 11/13/1884

Anna M. Yocum married Luden Norris on 11/1/1866

Annie A. Yocum married James L. Westbrook on 11/29/1885

Annie M. Yocum of Mill Creek married Samuel Williams of Tyrone on 4/10/1891

Bruce Yocum of Mapleton married Mattie A. Steever of Cassville on 5/24/1883

Caroline Yocum married Luden Dean on 4/12/1860

E. W. Yocum married Martha White on 3/12/1868

Henrietta Yocum married John S. Houck on 12/14/1841

Jane Yocum married Andrew Heffner on 9/23/1852

Jane Adams Yocum, daughter of John and Anna Margaretta (White) Yocum, married Alexander Dean on 11/2/1849

Jesse Yocum married Jane Kyle on 12/1/1846

John Yocum married Miss White on 3/11/1819

John Yocum of Brady Township married Susan Ross of Oneida Township on 10/30/1862

Joseph William Yocom, son of John and Margaret Ann Yocom, married Dorothy Ann Isenberg, daughter of Herny and Elizabeth Isenberg, on 11/25/1852 in Walker Township

Junie Yocum of McConnellstown married Frank Megahan in November 1881

Laeretta V. Yocum of Walker Township married J. George Lincoln on 12/27/1877

Laura P. Yocum married William J. Linn on 10/5/1876

Lizzie C. Yocum married S. B. Neice of Mapleton on 5/8/1883

Louis Yocum, son of Jessie Yocum, married Sophia C. Numer on 2/26/1854

Lucetta M. Yocum married James Harris on 12/29/1881

Malinda J. Yocum married Solomon Bupp on 8/18/1864

Margie D. Yocum married A. L. Corbin on 3/24/1839

Martha Yocum, daughter of John and Anna M. (White) Yocum, married William C. Hight, son of James and Nancy (Brown) Hight, on 10/24/1844

Mary Yocum married James S. Roberts on 4/4/1876

Mary Ann Yocum, daughter of John and Anna M., married Sempel Grove on 3/28/1844

Missouri A. Yocum married Harry S. Lininger on 10/27/1887

Missouri C. Yocum married William H. Isenberg on 11/26/1879

Nancy Yocum, daughter of John and Anna, married Peter Heffner, son of Adam and Rebecca (Enyeart) Heffner, in November 1851

Polly Yocum married Arthur Foster on 1/18/1820

Rachel Yocum married Joseph Gibboney of Barree on 11/17/1831

Robert J. Yocum married Mary B. Vaughn on 12/28/1884

Sally Yocum married Samuel Magen on 12/22/1808

Samuel M. Yocum married Rachel Ross on 5/14/1846

Samantha Yocum of Walker Township married Andrew Grubb on 5/9/1877

Silas Yocum married Rachel Brennaman on 12/16/1852

Thelma May Yocum married Earl J. Brown on 8/9/1952

Wilbur Marshall Yocum, son of Robert Campbell and Annie M. Yocum of Mapleton, married Anna Virginia Decker, daughter of Thomas Decker, in October 1932

William Yocum married Sarah Dopp on 3/11/1834