Huntingdon County Historical Society

Amanda Yocum died 10/28/1892 at 27 years.

Amos Sylvester Yocum was born 6/30/1880 and died 7/22/1965.  He was buried in the Alexandria Presbyterian Cemetery.

Anna Yocum died 4/9/1971 in Mount Union.  She was a daughter of Robert C. and Anna (Civils) Yocum.

Bessie G. Yocum died 12/9/1985 in Huntingdon.  She was born 1/29/1930 in Oliver Township, Mifflin County, a daughter of Isaac and Ellen Altz.  She married Chester A. Yocum.  Children include:  David, Ronald Lee, Bryan, Kathy Shope, Susan Young, Christine.  Burial in Mattawana Cemetery, McVeytown.

Charles F. Yocum died 3/30/1997.  He was born 2/19/1929 in Mount Union, a son of Charles W. and Julia I. (Woods) Yocum.  Siblings include:  Maxine married to Joseph Barrett, Richard A., Ronald L.  Burial in Mount Union Cemetery.

Charles S. Yocum died 4/13/1982 at 79 years in Florida.

Charlotte Irene Yocum died on 11/7/1852 in Alexandria.  She was a daughter of James and Mary Jane (Ashe) Yocum.  Siblings include:  Casper Dallas, David Ashe.

Chisolm J. Yocum died 8/24/1975.

Cloyd E. Yocum died 11/15/1996.  He was born 10/25/1917 in Alexandria, a son of Amos S. and Grace I. (Corbin) Yocum.  He married Dorothy Almeda Gordon on 4/5/1940.  She died 3/18/1993.  Children include:  Kay Susan Cassatt, Dale A., Darla White (who was raised in the home).  Siblings include:  Arthur, Richard, John, 2 sisters and 5 brothers deceased.  Burial in Alexandria Presbyterian Cemetery.

Cordie A. Yocum died 1/17/1984.  She was born 6/12/1926, a daughter of lvin Porter and Rachel (McMullen) Greene.  She married Arthur L. Yocum in February 1941.  Children include:  Arlene, Larry, Janet.  Burial in Alexandria Presbyterian Cemetery.

D. Almeda Yocum died 3/18/1993.  She was born 7/11/1918 at Water Street, a daughter of John A. and Emma (Isenberg) Gordon.  She married Cloyd E. Yocum.  Siblings include:  George, Violet Yocum.  Burial at Alexandria Presbyterian Cemetery.

Dorothy Yocum died 8/11/1897 at 67 years.  She was the youngest child of Ann and Henry Isenberg.  Her husband survives.  Children include:  Alonzo, Silas, Lizzie, Mrs. William B. White, Mrs. J. Irvin Liepensberger, Horatio G., James H.  Siblings include:  Samuel, Henry, Daniel, and Joseph.  Burial on the farm.

Elizabeth Shoop Yocum of Newburg died 4/7/1967 at 84 years.  She was a daughter of Alfred and Jane (Laughlin) Shoop.

Emma D. (Hunt) Yocum died 12/16/1977 at 89 years.

Gladys I. Yocum died 11/30/1977 at 50 years

Glenn W. Yocum died 9/24/1982 at 64 years.  He was the son of Benjamin and Vianna (McLaughlin) Yocum.  He married Margaret Brenna.  They had 2 children.  Burial in Jefferson Barracks Cemetery in St. Louis, MO.

Hazel (Bailey) Yocum died 9/29/1976 at 59 years.

James Yocum of Brady Township died 5/15/1901 at 73 years and 17 days.

James Yocum died 7/14/1852.

Jay P. Yocum of mill Creek died 4/20/1974 at 68 years.

Jesse E. Yocum died 5/22/1956.

John Yocum of Penn Township died 6/9/1902 at 69 years.

John Watson Yocum died 6/15/1833 at 14 years.  He was a son of John and Anna Margaretta (White) Yocum.  He was born on 8/2/1819.

John Yocum died 4/21/1847 at 88 years.  He was a blacksmith and the ancestor of the families in Walker and Juniata Townships.  He resided in Huntingdon.

John Yocum died 1/20/1857 at 62 years 11 months and 21 days in Juniata Township.  He was born 1/27/1794.  He married Anna Margaretta White, who was born 10/1/1799.

John A. Yocum died 11/18/1887 in Brady Township at 62 years.

John W. Yocum died 10/25/1897 in Ironsville at 60 years.

Joseph Williams Yocum died 4/5/1901 in Juniata Township at 73 years 7 months and 17 days.  He was born in 1826 in Walker Township, and married Dorothy Ann Isenberg on 11/30/1852.

Mrs. J. William Yocum died 8/11/1897 at 67 years in Juniata Township.

Joseph J. Yocum died 11/24/1993 in Huntingdon County.  He was born 12/7/1941 in Duquesne (Allegheny Co.), a son of Alfred F. and Sophia (Billak) Yocum.  He married Annette Elliott on 6/22/1961.  Children include:  Joseph A., Kathleen A. married John Baker, Kristina M. married Leroy Patterson, Charles W., Jay E.  Siblings include:  Edward W., Alfred J.  Burial in Goodman Cemetery in Henderson Township.

Joseph W. Yocum died 8/26/1968.

Julia A. (Woods) Yocum died 9/7/1991.  She married Charlie Yocum in 1926 at Hagerstown, MD.  Children include:  1 daughter and 3 sons.

Laura Yocum died 5/8/1908 at 29 years, 3 months, and 2 days.  She was the wife of Edward Yocum of Lewistown.

Lewis W. Yocum of Mapleton died 9/17/1897 at 71 years

Marshall Yocum died 6/5/1909 at 85 years in Mapleton.  He married Sarah Jane Campbell, a daughter of Matthew F., on 2/17/1853.  He was born 3/20/1824, a son of Jesse and Elizabeth Yocum.  Survived by Robert C. and Bruce.

Mary Yocum of Porter Township died 5/20/1902 at 77 years

Mary Ethel “Pansy” Yocum died 1/13/1997 at 92 years.  She was born 5/26/1904 in Burnt Cabins, Fulton County, a daughter of John A. and Madilla (Briggs) Mock.  Children include:  Arvella B. Morder and mary Ellen Hutton.  Siblings include:  Dennie and Blanche Hauser.  Burial in Riverview Cemetery.

Mattie Ginithan Yocum died 12/27/1949.

Maude Miriam Yocum died 10/25/1994 at Vero Beach, FL.  She was born 10/19/1905 in Williamsburg, a daughter of Horatio Gates and Ada Nancy (White) Yocum.  Siblings include:  Sara (Yocum) Lutz, deceased Martha married William Johnston, John Yocum.  Burial in Arlington National Cemetery in Arlington, VA.  She was a US Army Nurse in WW II.

Meda Jean Yocum died 11/19/1981 at 80 years.

Myrtle (Betty) Yocum died 3/21/1976.

Olive Yocum, wife of Jesse Yocum deceased, died 4/16/1989.  Children include 1 son and 3 daughters.

Paul T. Yocum died 3/29/1976 in Port Angeles, Wash.

Rachel Yocum of Miller Township died 8/18/1884 at 60 years, 5 months, and 8 days.

Ralph S. Yocum, a son of Charles S. and Ada (Rinker), married Patricia Harpster.  She died 10/7/1959.  Children include:  Stanley R., Nancy Y.  Burial in Riverview Cemetery.  Ralph was born 6/13/1924 and died 12/26/1984.

Rebecca Jackson Yocum died 11/4/1848 at 15 years.  She was the daughter of John and Anna.  She was born 12/21/1833.

Rittenhouse Porter Yocum died 8/14/1840.  He was born 1/19/1840, a son of John and Anna.

Robert Campbell Yocum died 2/18/1966 in Mount Union.

Ronald W. Yocum died 2/12/1993 in Hammond, IN.  He was born 9/1/1932 at Harrisburg, a son of Ira James and Sarah Grace (Gilbert) Yocum.  He married Donna A. Henry on 2/2/1952.  Children include:  Thomas A., Kathy Hartmeyer, Sally Yocum.  Siblings include:  Donald and Terry Abrashoff.  Burial in Mt. Nebo Cemetery in Mount Union.

Russell R. Yocum died 5/8/1995.  He was born 12/18/1915 in Alexandria, a son of Amos S. and Grace I.  He married Violet Gordon on 1/29/1945.  Siblings include:  John, Cloyd, Arthur, Richard; deceased Mabel Estep, Catharine, Ralph, Wallace, William, Robert.  Burial in Alexandria Presbyterian Cemetery.

Sophie (Sally) Yocum died 3/28/1978 at 60 years.

Violet G. Yocum died 12/22/1999.  She was born 10/14/1910 in Morris Township, a daughter of John A. and Emma S. (Isenberg) Gordon.  She married Russell R. Yocum on 1/29/1945; he died 5/8/1995.  Siblings include:  George, deceased Eva, Esther Reed Parks, Nellie Woomer, Almeda Yocum.  Burial in Alexandria Presbyterian Cemetery.

Vianna Yocum, wife of Benjamin F. of Mount Union died 8/17/1970 at 71 years.  She was a daughter of John and Emma (McLaughlin) Irvine.

Webster Yocum died 9/8/1978 at 80 years.

William Yocum died 4/4/1901 at 68 years in Juniata County.

Winifred J. Yocum died 11/14/1975.