Huntingdon County Historical Society

Amanda Watson died 2/9/1893 at 26 years.  She was the daughter of James Watson of Walker Township.

James O. Watson of McConnellstown died 3/14/1902 at 79 years.

John Watson, Jr. died 7/24/1820 near Alexandria.

John C. Watson died 3/17/1863 at 47 years 1 month and 14 days.

John P. Watson of Walker Township died 7/8/1891 at 64 years 6 months and 31 days.  He was the brother of Judge Watson and James C. Watson.  He had a wife and 5 children.

Joseph Watson died in Huntingdon on 12/30/1858 at 23 months.  He was a son of John J. and Anna E. Lawrence.

Joseph Watson died 12/13/1941, a son of Metcalf and Elizabeth (Haight) Watson.

Joseph Watson died 3/3/1885 at 58 years.  He was buried in the Hoover family mausoleum in Greenwood Cemetery, Brooklyn, NY.

Martha Hamer Watson died 12/28/1910 at 82 years.  She was the widow of James C. Watson, and resided in McConnellstown.  Children include:  Lizzie, Mrs. John B. Shenefelt.  Siblings include:  Moses, John, Michael.  Burial in McConnellstown.

Nancy Watson, daughter of Samuel, was born 5/18/1819 in Porter Township.  She died 10/18/1858 in Henderson Township.  She married Valentine Fink on 3/19/1840.  Valentine was born 5/21/1812 in Huntingdon County and died 5/29/1894 in Bedford.  Nancy was buried in Union Church Cemetery in Henderson Township.

Ophelia “Phebe” Coleman Watson was born 8/16/1793 in Shavers Creek.  She married Samuel Watson.  She died 3/23/1852 in Walker Township, and was buried in McConnellstown Cemetery.  Another record says she died 3/23/1851.

Robert M. Watson died 7/16/1946, a son of Metcalfe Watson.

Samuel Watson was born 6/24/1794 in Shaver’s Creek.  He died 9/2/1857 in Walker Township, and was buried in the McConnellstown Cemetery.

Simpson Watson of Eaton, IL died 8/25/1881 at 52 years.

William Watson of Huntingdon died at Bell’s Mills on 10/7/1882 at 47 years.