Huntingdon County Historical Society

Chalmer Rinker died 12/22/1910 at 6 years of age.  He was the son of B. F. Rinker, and was killed by a train.

E. Blanche Rinker died 11/26/1985 in Danville.  She was born 10/26/1916 in Hesston, a daughter of Burton I. and Bessie (Grove) McCall.  She married Ralph R. Rinker on 4/5/1940.  Children include:  R. Max, Larry G., Roger L., and Judy Young.

Helen Franker Rinker died 10/6/1973 in Huntingdon County Nursing Home.  She was born 9/15/1894 at Fort Littleton, a daughter of George and Alice (Orth) Fraker.  She married Joseph S. Rinker on 3/17/1917.  Children include:  Sidney W., Donald K., Harry M., 1 son deceased.  Siblings include:  Richard W., T. Max, Robert F., Marguerite Davis, 2 brothers and 1 sister deceased.  Graduated from Indiana Normal School and worked as a teacher in Marklesburg.  Burial in IOOF Cemetery in Fort Littleton.

Joseph S. Rinker died 2/18/1979 in J. C. Blair Hospital.  He was born 2/20/1892 at Sandy Run, Bedford Co., a son of Joseph H. and Ida Rinker.  He married Helen Mae Fraker on 3/17/1917.  Siblings include:  James, Nora Dysard, Daisy married Roy Donaldson, 4 brothers and 1 sister deceased.  Retired in 1955 with 43 years a s boiler maker with the PRR.  Burial in IOOF Cemetery, Fort Littleton.

Mary E. Rinker died 2/14/1986 in Clearwater, FL.  She was born 4/22/1920 in Entriken, a daughter of W. Earl and Genevieve (Grubb) Fisher.  She married John F. Rinker on 1/31/1941.  Children include:  Melanee Velliadis.

Mary Edith Rinker died 6/14/1929 in McConnellstown.  She was born 2/12/1856 in Black Log Valley, a daughter of the Lauvers.  She married David Scott Rinker; he died in January 1918.  Children include:  Lloyd Scott, Frank W.  Siblings include:  Mrs. Charles Carday.  Burial in Ryde.

Raymond O. Rinker died 9/30/1968 in J. C. Blair Hospital.  He was born 1/15/1885 in Ryde, Mifflin Co., a son of Joseph H. and Ida (Lauver) Rinker.  He married Anna Ella Anderson on 10/22/1912; she died 2/10/1968.  Children include:  Edith married Jay Lloyd, Eva married William Thompson, Catharine married David Enyeart, Ralph, Violet married Ralph Dean.  Siblings include:  Joseph, James, Fred, Mrs. Percy Dysart, Mrs. Roy Donaldson, 2 sisters and 1 brother deceased.  Retired in 1952 from J. C. Blair Company after 11 years.  Burial in Anderson Cemetery.

Sarah Blanche Rinker died 12/31/1975.

Stephen Dennis Rinker died 11/7/1997 in Altoona.  He was born 11/4/1947 in Huntingdon, a son of Donald K. and F. Gail (Hetrick) Rinker.  Children include:  Jennifer Younker, Scott.  Siblings include:  Ronald, Max.  Burial at Huntingdon Memorial Gardens.

Thomas Rinker died 8/7/1882 in Orbisonia.  He was a son of B. F. and W. Rinker.