Huntingdon County Historical Society

Ann Norris, daughter of John Norris of Hopewell Township, married Samuel Harker of Walker Township on 6/29/1834

Anthaneta Norris married Jacob Hoover on 3/14/1861

Barton Norris married Amanda Speck, daughter of Peter, on 1/22/1880

Chalmers J. Norris married Fannie Baker

D. R. Norris of Huntingdon marred Lula B. Bickle of Beech Creek, Clinton Co., on 12/25/1883

David J. Norris married Mary A. Heffner on 1/6/1870

Dorothy E. Norris marred Jack H. Wible on 1/27/1952

Earl S. Norris married Mabel T. Honstine on 9/26/1923

Ellen Norris married John Garner on 4/1/1839

Elizabeth Norris married Michael Hamer on 11/26/1857

George T. Norris married Mattie Cavender on 2/24/1891

Henry B. Norris married Anna G. Parker on 10/14/1875

J. Alexander Norris married Elizabeth Hicks, daughter of Jacob, on 10/5/1854

Jane Norris married David Harker on 4/3/1834, both from Hopewell Township

Jennie E. Norris, near Saltillo, married Jesse S. Crone of York Co., on 12/1/1885

Jennie M. Norris married Isaiah Shultz on 9/17/1878

John G. Norris of Cumminsville married Jennie M. Little of McAlevy’s Fort on 4/16/1878

Laura Norris of Mill Creek married D. S. Light of Spruce Creek on 12/28/1881

Luden Norris of McConnellstown married Anna M. Yocum on 11/1/1866

Mary A. Norris, daughter of Joseph, married Joseph Isenberg on 2/3/1859

Phoebe Ann Norris married Jeremiah Black on 2/11/1875

Rebecca Norris married Isaac Zimmerman on 8/28/1863 (another record listed 8/28/1862)

Rebecca Jane Norris of Huntingdon County married John C. Negley of Blair County

Robert Norris married Lettie A. Gehrett on 7/16/1891

Samuel A. Norris married Hannah J. Dell on 1/5/1871

Thomas R. Norris of Cassville married Emma Homan of Bedford County on 11/9/1869

W. Scott Norris, son of Rev. R. Scott Norris, married Pinkie Ware on 2/6/1884

Walter S. Norris of Altoona married Florence E. Singiser of Altoona on 9/2/1932

Washington Norris married Kate Hoover on 2/19/1863 (another record had 2/13/1863)