Huntingdon County Historical Society

Alexander Norris died 10/3/1875 at 38 years, 8 months, and 27 days in Ohio.  He was the son of James Norris of Cass Township

Amelia H. Norris died 3/8/1997.  She was born 4/25/1911, a daughter of Luther C. and Mattie C. (Russler) Heffner and married Andrew H. Norris on 3/16/1946.  He died 6/28/1984.  She is survived by a daughter, Alice who married Andrew Kocik, and a brother, Blair B. Heffner.  She was buried at the White Church

Anna DeLena Norris, wife of David H. B. Norris, died on 9/30/1948 in Lewistown.  She was the daughter of Marshall and Sallie (Lemon) Truax.  She was born 1/28/1892 in Mapleton.  Her children include:  Mrs. Helen Pennebaker, Mrs. Vivian Haught, Mrs. Mildred Dobson, and Miss Lillie Mae Norris.  Her siblings include:  Mrs. Paul Wakefield and Robert Truax.  She was buried in the Mapleton Cemetery.

Anna M. Norris died 12/21/1975

Anne D. Norris died 2/7/1995 in Columbia, SC.  She was born 8/16/1910 in Susquehanna, PA, a daughter of Peter and Antoinette (Szadyro) Dubanowitz.  She married Russell B. Norris on 6/23/1934.  Children include:  Rev. Dr. Russell B. Norris, Jr.  Siblings include:  Elizabeth Dribank and Stacia Norris.  Burial in Mount Union Cemetery.

Annette Nadine Norris died 9/18/1960 in Royersford.  She was born 3/31/1960 in Pottstown, a daughter of Ronald W. and Freda (Wagner) Norris.  Siblings include:  Juanita, Yvonne, and Rosalie.  Grandparents include:  Gilbert Wagner, Russell Norris.  Burial in Vincent Mennonite Cemetery.

Annie Catherine Norris died 10/26/1996 in Dover.  She was born 7/11/1905 in Penn Township, a daughter of Philip and Hannah (Widner) Norris.  She is survived by a daughter, Irene Hearn, a sister, Charlotte Elizabeth Heffner, and brothers Samuel, David, and Andrew.  She was buried at the White Church.

Andrew H. Norris died 6/25/1984 in Juniata Township.  He was born 2/16/1907 in Penn Township, a son of Philip A. and Hannah Widner Norris.  He married Amelia Heffner on 3/16/1946 in McConnellstown.  Children include:  Alice married Andrew Kocik.  Siblings include:  Annie, Charlotte married Blair Heffner, David (deceased), Samuel (deceased).  Burial at the White Church.

Bernice Shellenberger Norris died 11/18/1955 in Marklesburg.  She was born 4/30/1876 in Cincinnati, OH.  She first married George Cunningham and second J. Elmer Norris.  Burial in Union Cemetery.

Betty Jayne Norris died 3/20/1995.  She was born 1/8/1925 in Alexandria, a daughter of Norman and Ida (Chilcote) Spyker.  Burial in the Alexandria Presbyterian Cemetery.

Carl W. Norris died 8/23/1975

Carrie Norris of Penn Township died 9/29/1885 at 8-9 years of age

Carrie A. Norris died 1/8/1979 at 90 years of age

Catherine W. (Widner) Norris died 1/10/1968 at 82 years in Penn Township.  She was born 3/4/1885 in Lincoln Township, a daughter of Jacob and Sarah (Fisher) Widner.  She married Emanuel Norris, who died 3/4/1956, on 12/28/1905 at McConnellstown.  Her children include:  Olive married to Melvin Garner, Harriet married to Glenn McCall, Hiram J., Philip C., William H., Donald E., Lillian married to Donald Hurley, Homer S., and Chalmer Emanuel, who died on 7/29/1928.  She had 2 brothers and 6 sisters, all deceased.  She was buried in the White Church Cemetery.

Chalmers J. Norris died 11/25/1963 in Delaware County Memorial Hospital.  He was born 9/8/1878 in McVeytown, a son of Luden and Anne (Yocum) Norris.  He married Fannie Baker.  Children include:  Aileen married to Paul Brosius, Oscar, C. Gail, and Frederick B. (deceased).  Siblings include:  Samantha Eley.  Burial in Riverview Cemetery.

Charles A. Norris, of 1006 Warm Springs Ave., died 8/12/1972 in J. C. Blair Memorial Hospital.  He was born 11/10/1905 in Penn Township, a son of Solomon and Margaret Norris.  He married Flora M. Garner in 1934 in Cumberland, MD.  Children include:  Eugene C., Patricia married to Fred Bousum, Jr.  He retired 9/1/1968.  Burial in Huntingdon Memorial Gardens.

Charles Clifford Norris died 12/5/1977 at 76 years

Chester C. Norris of Shade Gap died 11/24/1965 at 72 years in Shade Gap.  He was born 5/3/1893 in Shade Gap, a son of Charles and Jane (Locke) Norris.  He married Mrs. Mary Elizabeth (Michael) Watson on 10/7/1944 in Hagerstown, MD.  He has a step-son, Roy Watson, and a twin brother, Lester Norris.  He was buried in Pleasant Hill Cemetery.

Coyle E. Norris died 1/31/1996.  He was born 4/5/1915 in Orbisonia, a son of Samuel Ray and Minerva Grove Norris.  He married Thelma O. Dubbs.  His children include:  James H., Elmer C., Janet L. Stenner, and Gloria J. Koch.  His siblings include:  Thelma Price, Herman Norris, Mary Price, Samuel Norris, and Mason Grove, Jr.  He was buried at Bowman’s Chapel Cemetery in Mapleton.

David E. Norris died 4/8/1956

David Irvin Norris died 6/18/1955 in Hesston.  He was born 3/26/1874 in Penn Township, a son of Samuel W. and Ruhama (Anderson) Norris.  He married Bessie Harris, who died 1/2/1920.  Children include:  Pearl married Leslie Hetrick, Cloyd (died in 1934), Chester (died in 1906).  Siblings include:  Solomon, Emanuel, Mary E. Shingler, and 4 brothers and sisters deceased.  Burial at the White Church.

David Paul Norris died 2/8/1990.  He married Helen Porter on 9/7/1944 in York.

Donald Lee Norris, Jr. died 9/9/1979 at 20 years.

Edith Nancy Norris died in Oneida Township on 3/20/1951 as a result of suicide.  She was the daughter of Jacob H. and Emmy Snyder Morningstar.  She was born 11/18/1911 in Oneida Township.  She married Clarence F. Norris on 2/9/1929 at Mooresville.  Children include:  Clarence Norris Jr., Betty Jane, Richard Blair, Helen Louise, and Donald Lee.  Siblings include:  Daniel C., Helen Endres, John Weir, Anna Mary Snyder.  Burial at the White Church.

Edna Mae Norris died 10/2/1975

Elda Mabel (Norris) Thompson died 12/4/1945 and was buried in Riverview Cemetery.  She was born 4/27/1912.

Elizabeth Norris, daughter of the late John Norris of Hopewell Township, died 4/9/1842

Emanuel Norris died 3/4/1956 in Penn Township.  He was born 1/5/1880 in Hesston.  He married Catherine Widner on 12/28/1905 in McConnellstown.  Burial at the White Church.

Ethel M. Norris died 6/28/1977

Evelyn M. Norris died 9/15/1978 at 86 years

Fannie Baker Norris, wife of Chalmers J., died 1/26/1946 at J. C. Blair Memorial Hospital.  She was born in Huntingdon on 3/31/1877, a daughter of G. L. S. and Lydia Baker.  Children include:  Rev. C. Gail Norris, Oscar, Aileen married Paul Brosius.  Siblings include:  Dr. Frank Baker, Fred, Laura Prough, Lulu married George Kyper, Ard, Oscar, Charles.  Burial in Riverview.

Florence E. Norris died 5/27/1992.  She married Walter S. Norris on 9/12/1932 in Huntingdon.  Children include: one son and one daughter.

George Luden Norris died 9/25/1961 in J. C. Blair Memorial Hospital.  He was the deputy superintendent at SCI Huntingdon.  Burial at the Stone Church.

Gordon Luden Norris died 8/3/1996.  He was born 11/25/1938 in Aitch.  He was the son of George Luden and Anne Sidler Norris.  He married Judith Ferrari.  His children include:  Gwyn Louise Scott, Eric Russell Norris, Beth Jo Pfeiffer, Harvey Luden Norris, Mark Jeffrey Norris, and Ashley Anne Norris.

Grant Levi Norris died 11/3/1957 in Lebanon Veteran’s Administration Hospital.  He was born 4/17/1888 at Everett, a son of Harrison and Eunice Norris.  He married Rosie Bequeath.  Children include:  George L., Robert James, Mrs. Paul Smith.  Siblings include:  Clara, Virginia Spencer.  He was a WW I veteran from 9/18/197 – 6/11/1919 with Co. C. of the 305th Engineers.  Burial in Everett Cemetery.

Hannah A. Norris died 2/17/1995.  She was born 7/14/1915 in Penn Township, a daughter of John and Mary (Black) Norris.  Her companion of 30 years was Leroy Magill, who died in 1988.  She had one daughter, Shirley, married to Robert Ford.  Her siblings included:  Ralph A. “Jim”, Clarence, Carl, Lester, John, Sara Ronk, Edith Cramer, Hazel Foster, Wilbur, Solomon, and Paul.  She was buried in Huntingdon Memorial Garden.

Hannah J. Norris died on 10/17/1923

Mrs. Hannah Weidner Norris died 2/24/1945.  She was born 9/18/1878 in Penn Township, a daughter of Jacob and Sarah Fisher Weidner.  She married Philip Anderson Norris on 5/6/1899 in the Lutheran Church at Grafton.  Children include:  Samuel J., David E., Annie C., Andrew H., Charlotte Heffner.  Siblings include:  Matilda Kiper (sic), mrs. Emanuel Norris, Mrs. Joseph Brown.  Burial at the White Church.

Herbert Charles Norris died 2/17/1998 in Bethpage, NY.  He was born 9/1/1928 in Three Springs, a son of Charles Clifton and Ann P. Norris.  He married Esther Falco.  Children include:  Charles, Joseph, Anna.  Siblings include:  Kathleen Shank, Mary Meads, Betty Stake, Edwin Norris.  Burial in Long Island National Cemetery.

Herman L. Norris died 12/13/1997.  He was born 10/29/1921 in Cromwell Township, a son of Samuel R. and Minerva (Grove) Norris.  He married Wanda G. Snyder on 12/24/1941.  Children include:  Rev. Victor S. Norris and Susan D. Fleming.  Siblings include:  Samuel G. Norris, Thelma Price, Mary Price, and a cousin, Mason Grove, who was reared in the home, and Coyle Norris (deceased).  Burial at Haven Rest Memorial Park in Shirleysburg.

Hollie (another obit has Hollis) Leanne Norris died 4/11/1964 in J. C. Blair Hospital at 12 years.  She was born 6/24/1952 in Huntingdon, a daughter of David and Helen Porter Norris.  Siblings include:  Kimberly Jane.  Grandparents include:  Mr. & Mrs. Stewart Porter, Mary Norris.  Burial in Riverview Cemetery.

I. Martin Norris died 1/14/1908 at 48 years.  He was a contractor.  His wife survives along with one brother and one sister.

Infant Norris Daughter died at birth on 7/19/1964 in Lee Memorial Hospital.  She was the daughter of Harold and Lois (Pahel) Norris.  Grandparents include:  Paul Pahel, Carl Norris, John P. Norris, Solomon Norris, Mayme Bumbarger.

Isaac Yocum Norris died 2/27/1957 in the Altoona Hospital.  He was born 12/17/1873 in McConnellstown, a son of Luden and Anna (Yocum) Norris.  He married Anna May McQuiggan, who died on 5/21/1954.  Children include:  Edna Ward, and Harold Y.  Siblings include:  Chalmers J., Harry L., Mrs. C. O. Elley.  He retired in 1943 as an upholsterer with the PRR.

J. A. Norris was born in Penn Township and died 4/6/1901 at 76 years

J. Foster Norris died 6/24/1968 at 72 years in J. C. Blair Hospital.  He was born 11/30/1895 in Penn Township, a son of Joseph W. and Malinda (Fisher) Norris.  He married Mildred Gilchrist on 8/29/1937 in the Christian and Missionary Alliance Church in Huntingdon.  Children include:  Verna married John Kanode, Hazel married Donald Meshyock.  He retired from the PRR in 1957.  He was buried in Valley View Cemetery in Penn Township.

James Oliver Norris died 6/18/1967 in Buffalo, NY.  He was born 2/25/1901 in Huntingdon, a son of James and Ida (Shultz) Norris.  He married Veda Smith.  Children include:  Betty married to Ernest Smith.

James S. Norris of Hare’s Valley died 4/4/1899 at 86 years.

Janet A. Grager Norris died 1/6/1995.  She was born 11/3/1924 in Tyrone, Blair Co., a daughter of Elenezer and Rhoda Mae (Snyder) Williams.  She first married Edward Grager on 9/2/1944; he died 2/9/1964.  She next married Walter Norris on 7/22/1968.  He died 10/24/1979.  Children include:  Joyce L. Grager Thompson, Marcella A. Grager Pasquale, Edward A. Grager.  Siblings include: 9 sisters, 6 brothers (deceased).  Burial in Alexandria Presbyterian Cemetery.

Janet A. Norris died 3/30/1965 in J. C. Blair Memorial Hospital.  She had resided at 427 Moore Street.  She was born 3/1/1914 in Huntingdon, a daughter of Herbert C. and Alice (Corbin) Bratton.  She married Thomas M. Norris on 9/1/1939 in the First Methodist Church parsonage in Huntingdon.  Siblings include:  Orlando, Herbert J., Jack C., Eleanor married Donald Norris, Marilyn married Wayne Kline.

Jesse Olin Norris of Altoona died on 2/18/1969

John Norris of 1025 Washington Street, Huntingdon, died 1/19/1891 at 87 years

John M. Norris died 5/27/1979 at 52 years

John P. Norris died 3/12/1965 in Hesston.  He was born 3/16/1882 in Penn Township, a son of William W. and Mary (Waite) Norris.  He married Mary Black.  Siblings include:  Olive Greer, Hannah Douglas, Anna Hawn.  Burial at the White Church.

Joseph Grubb Norris, Sr., died 4/22/1964 in J. C. Blair Hospital at 65 years.  He was born 9/9/1899 in Penn Township, a son of John M. and Martha Jane (Grubb) Norris.  He married Ethel M. Isett on 6/23/1917 at Saxton.  Children include:  Winifred married to Ralph Garner, Adaline married to Fred Norris, Irene married to William Scott, John M., Joseph G. Jr., Dolly Russell, Jane married to Albert Flenner, William.  Siblings include:  M. Lewis, Martha married to Roy Hess, G. Luden (died in 1961).  Burial at Old Stone Church.

Leona I. Norris died 7/15/1998.  She was born 2/21/1931, a daughter of John F. and Laurena Baker Wentz.  She married Solomon G. Norris on 1/19/1948.  He died 3/23/1988.  Her children include:  Thomas, Norry, Norma Miller, Ken, Donna Thompson, Dennis Charles, and Sandy Kidd.  Her siblings include:  Doris Norris, Donald, and Ed.  She was buried at Jacob’s Church.

Leroy H. Norris died 8/10/1981 in the Polyclinic Medical Center.  He was a son of W. Herman and Katie G. Cassady Norris.  He married Kathryn.  Children include:  Catherine Feight, Sandra, Jean Lyter, nancy Branyon, Kathleen Rheinheimer, Joan Costello, Jack, William.  Siblings include:  Martha Bard, Ona married William Naugle, Lewis Norris.  Burial in Lost Creek Presbyterian Cemetery, McAllisterville.

Lester G. Norris died 8/2/1950 in J. C. Blair Hospital from a self-inflicted rifle shot to the head.  He was a son of John P. and Mary E. (Black) Norris.  He was born in Frankstown Township, Blair Co., on 5/4/1906.  He married Sarah Garner on 2/10/1943in Marklesburg.  Children include:  Cloyd, Lottie, and a son who died in 1948.  Siblings include:  Carl, Sarah Ronk, Clarence, Edith Cramer, Ralph, Hazel Horell, Hannah A., Paul B., Wilbur, John E., and Solomon.  Burial in the Anderson Cemetery.

Lester W. Norris died 6/19/1976

Lester S. Norris of Lewistown died 3/4/1969 at 73 years (another record says he died 3/4/1967) in Memphis, TN.  He was born 5/3/1893 in Shade Gap.  He was a son of Charles A. and Jane Elle (Lock) Norris.  He married Hazel G. Price.  His children include:  Charles A., James L., Betty Jane married Raymond Gers, Margaret married William Barrett, and Robert E.  He was buried in Pleasant Hill Cemetery.

Lydia E. Norris died 10/4/1875 at 31 years, 11 months, and 9 days.  She was the daughter of James Norris of Cass Township

Mabel M. Hampton Norris died 3/21/1996 in J. C. Blair Hospital (another listing said Valley View Haven, Belleville).  She was born 12/21/1903 in Neelyton, a daughter of Thomas and Bessie (Flood) Hampton.  He married Miles Westley Norris in 1926 in Lock Haven.  He died 3/19/1976.  Children include:  Miles S., Westley C.  Siblings include:  Amelia (deceased).  She retired from Brady Henderson Elementary School in 1968 after 42 years of service.  Burial at the White Church.

Mabel T. Norris died 1/4/1997.  She was born 2/27/1905.  She married Earl S. Norris on 9/26/1923.  He died 3/19/1969.  Her children include:  Juanita J. Parks, Jack H., Barbara P. Beard, Richard S., Patty L. Young, Frey, William.  Her sister, Pearl Miles, is deceased.  She was buried in Riverview Cemetery.

Malinda Fisher Norris, wife of J. G. W. Norris died 6/17/1936 in Hesston.  She was born 2/17/1862 in Lincoln Township, a daughter of Kasper (sic) and Margaret Fisher.  Children include:  W. E. Norris, J. Foster Norris.  Burial in Methodist Cemetery in Marklesburg.

Margaret “Lizzie” Norris, wife of Solomon Norris, died 12/26/1960.  She was the daughter of Lewis and Margaret (Speck) Corcelius.

Martin Roy Norris died 8/29/1949 in Maddensville.  He was born 11/1/1890 in Penn Township, a son of Robert A. and Lettie Gehrett Norris.  He married Carrie Law on 4/3/1948.  He was a machinist and tool maker.  He is survived by his wife and mother, Mrs. Lettie Fry.  Siblings include:  Lewis E., Elmer G. (both in Gary, IN), Ethel Park.  Burial at the White Church.

Mary (Perkins) Norris of Shade Gap, wife of Chester C. Norris, died 7/17/1969.

Mary Donnelly Norris died 10/11/1953.

Mary E. Norris died 6/21/1977 at 65 years.

Mary E. Norris died 9/13/1998.  She was born 3/26/1907 in Altoona, a daughter of William B. and Celeste (Goodman) Haines.  She married David E. Norris, who is deceased.  Children include:  Eleanor P. Beisel, W. Blair Norris, and David P. (deceased).  Siblings include:  James H., Dorothy L. Taylor.  Burial in Paradise Holtzschwamm Cemetery, Thomasville.

Mary E. Reed Norris died 1/26/1991.  She married Wilber C. “Rib” Norris on 2/25/1940.  She is survived by 3 sons and 2 daughters.

Mary Elizabeth Norris died 7/17/1969 in Shade Gap.  She was born 8/24/1897, a daughter of William Henry and Letha Ellen (Allen) Perkins, in Berkeley Springs, WV.  She married Sylvester Watson first and Chester C. Norris second.  Children include:  Roy Watson.  Siblings include:  Henry C. Michael, Mrs. Onetta Kesecker, and Mrs. Prudence Shirley.  She was buried in Pleasant Hill Cemetery.

Mary Evelyn (Black) Norris died 5/21/1957 in Penn Township.  She was born 7/4/1885 in Cherry Grove, Clay Township, a daughter of Asbury and Elmira (Shaffer) Black.  She married John P. Norris on 6/29/1903.  Children include:  Carl, Edith Cramer, Ralph A., Wilbur, Clarence, John E, Sarah married Paul Runk (sic), Paul, Hannah, Hazel married Paul Foster, and Lester (deceased).  A granddaughter, Shrley Jean Norris, was raised in the home.  Siblings include:  Fannie Foster.

Mary Helen Norris died 10/28/1978 at 60 years.

Mary L. Norris died 3/27/1963 in Mercy Hospital, Altoona.  She was born 3/13/1873 in Shade Gap, a daughter of Robert H. and Anna (Yeager) Norris.  Siblings include:  George G., Jesse O., Rose Holland, Jerry Y., Clara M. Thompson (deceased).

Melvin E. Norris, Sr. died 3/19/1985.  He was born 3/2/1905, a son of Mr. & Mrs. Charles Gomillion.  He married Violet Posety on 2/23/1948.  Children include:  Virginia E., Ella L., Melvin E. Jr., Kelvin.  Burial in Haven Rest Memorial Park,  Shirleysburg.

Miles W. Norris died 3/18/1976

Minerva Josephine Norris, wife of Samuel Norris, died 4/21/1947 in J. C. Blair Hospital.  She was born in Cromwell Township on 1/26/1895, a daughter of Solomon and Katherine (Grove) Grove.  Children include:  Coyle, Thelma married John Price, Herman, Mary, Samuel, and foster son Mason Grove.  Siblings include:  mason Grove, Hayden, Naomi Book, Eunice Cummins.  Burial at Bowman’s Chapel Cemetery.

Olive Norris died 11/22/1883 at 20 years in Three Springs.

Ora Edith Norris died 9/27/1887 at 2 years, 6 months, and 8 days in LaGrange, IN.  She was the daughter of D. J. & Mary A. Norris.

Orpha F. Norris died 9/5/1979 at 79 years in J. C. Blair Memorial Hospital.  She was born 2/25/1900 in Elk Garden, WV, a daughter of Edward and Clara (Warnick) McDonald.  She married Samuel J. Norris on 9/26/1923 in Cumberland, MD.  He died 12/15/1971.  Children include:  Janet married Leroy Hoffer, Marjorie (deceased).  Siblings include:  Garland, Edgar, Elizabeth married Lester Zechman, Alverta married Owen Holmes, 4 brothers and 2 sisters are deceased.  Burial in Anderson Cemetery, Penn Township.

Patricia Ann Norris died 7/15/1997 in Union County.  She was born 10/1/1957 in Huntingdon, a daughter of Homer Price and Joan Elizabeth (Norris) Jemison.  She was never married.  Siblings include:  Brenda married Harry C. Aumiller Jr.

Paul B. “Pete” Norris died 9/20/1982 at 63 years.

Pauline M. (Collins) Norris died 6/1/1990.  She married John E. Norris on 8/4/1933.

Pearl A. Norris died 1/25/1979 at 74 years.

Pearle (States) Norris died 8/29/1976.

Phillip Anderson Norris died 1/13/1945 in Hesston.  He was born 2/12/1867 in Hesston, a son of Samuel and Rheuhamia (sic) Anderson Norris.  He married Anna Weidner on 5/6/1899 in the Lutheran Church at Grafton.  Children include:  Samuel J., David E., Charlotte Heffner, Annie C., and Andrew.  Siblings include:  David J., Solomon, Emanuel, Samuel L., and Mary Shingler.  Burial at the White Church Cemetery.

R. Hamer Norris died 12/19/1966 in Shirleysburg.  He was born in Cumminsville on 1/23/1880, a son of John G. and Jennie (Rittle) Norris.  He married Marion S. Robart.  Children include:  Richard, Roland R., Mrs. Jean A. Warsing.  Siblings include:  Pauline married Herbert Hinchliffe, Linda married Charles Judge, Agnes married Edward Kenny, 3 brothers and 1 sister deceased.  He was buried in Northwood Cemetery in Philadelphia.

Reba Norris died 6/2/1956 in Saint Johns, Michigan.  She was born in Three Springs, a daughter of Jefferson K. and Sarah (Wible) Leader.  She married Cloise Norris.  Children include:  Dorothea Frazier, Donald (deceased).  Siblings include:  Rev. Charles Leader, Emory, James, and Martha.  Burial in the Saltillo Cemetery.

Robert DeHaven Norris died 6/9/1994 in Montour County at age 22.  He was from Danville.  He was born 9/20/1971 in Huntingdon, a son of Judy Norris Bucher.  His grandparents are DeHaven and Annabelle Norris.  He was buried in New Rosemont Cemetery in Espy.

Robert E. “Lefty” Norris died 4/16/1996 in Huntingdon.  He was born 4/23/1925 in Huntingdon, the only child of Robert L. and Thelma (Gibboney) Norris.  He married Mildred Kyper.  Children include:  Robert B.  He was a graduate of Juniata College and Texas A & M.  He retired 12/31/1983 from the Huntingdon County Sheriff’s Department with 28 years of service.  He was a WW II vet and served with the Army Air Force, as a corporal in the 378th Base Unit.  Burial in Huntingdon Memorial Gardens.

Robert Franklin Norris died 2/21/1977 at 72 years.

Robert H. Norris died 3/31/1995.  He was born 10/28/1925 in Juniata Township, a son of Samuel L. and Evelyn (Mark) Norris.  He married Evelyn Horton on 4/10/1949.  His children include:  Cheryl married to Stewart L. Kurtz and Richard I. Norris.  His siblings include:  Fred, Samuel F., Esther married to Thomas Gill, Edith married to Kenneth Strait, Lucille married to Miles Shope, Jane married to Carl Davis, Helen married to Gerald Lang, Dorothy married to Jack Wible, Richard, Mary Appleby.  He was buried in Anderson Cemetery.

Robert L. Norris died 3/11/1972 at 68 years in Jackson Township.

Rollin Norris died 11/14/1956 in Elkhart, IN.  He was a son of David and Mary Ann Norris.  The funeral was in Lagrange, IN.

Russell B. Norris, Sr. died 3/28/1998 in Columbia, SC.  He was born 4/23/1905 in Newark, NJ, a son of Alfred W. and Margaret (Helwig) Norris.  He married Anne Dubanowitz on 6/23/1924.  Siblings include:  Alfred W. Jr., Charles E., Lillian Starr (all deceased).  Burial in Mount Union Cemetery.

Samuel J. Norris died 12/15/1971

Samuel L. Norris died 1/7/1955 at J. C. Blair Hospital.  He was born 3/22/1886 in Penn Township, a son of Samuel W. and Ruhama (Anderson) Norris.  He married Evelyn Mark on 6/10/1913 in Huntingdon.  Children include:  Esther married Thomas Gill, Fred, Edith married Kenneth Strait, Lucille married Miles Shope, Mary Robert, Frank, Jane, Helen married Gerald Lang, Dorothy married Jack Wible.  Siblings include:  David, Solomon, Emanuel, and Mary Shingler.  Burial in the Anderson Cemetery.

Samuel Ray Norris died 6/4/1966 in Lewistown Hospital (another listing says he died in Shirleysburg).  He was born 1/7/1891 in Shirley Township, Mount Union, a son of Rev. Samuel A. and Hannah (Dell) Norris.  He married Minerva J. Grove in 1912.  She died 4/21/1947.  Children include:  Coyle E., Thelma married John Price, Herman L., Mary married Charles Price, Samuel G., and foster son Mason E. Grove.  She was buried at Bowman’s Chapel Cemetery in Mapleton.

Samuel Wilson Norris died from pneumonia in Penn Township.  He was a son of David and Elizabeth Norris.  He was born 11/29/1840 in Penn Township and died at 78 years, 10 months, and 1 day.  He served 3 years with Co. C of the 53rd PA Volunteers.  Children include:  Philip, Robert, Samuel, Emanuel, Mary Shingler, David (in Canton, OH).  Siblings include:  Thomas, Elizabeth Shenefelt, William, Catherine married John Grove, Sarah married John Kyler, Jane, Mary Ann married Joseph Crownover.  Burial in Anderson Cemetery.

Sarah C. Norris died 5/23/1994.  She was born 5/12/1919 in Penn Township, a daughter of Robert and Mary Jane Kylor Garner.  She married Lester G. Norris on 2/10/1943.  He died in 1950.  Her children include:  Cloyd and Lottie Burdick.  Her siblings include:  Mrs. Flora Norris and 2 other brothers, and 2 more sisters.  She was buried in the Anderson Cemetery.

Solomon Norris died 3/6/1972

Thelma G. Norris died 2/14/1982 in Huntingdon.  She was born 3/8/1904 in Huntingdon, a daughter of Elliott and Mary (Johnston) Gibboney.  She married Robert L. Norris.  He died 3/11/1972.  Children include:  Robert E.  Grandchildren include:  Robert B.  Siblings include:  Muriel Theneve, 1 brother and 1 sister are deceased.  Burial in Riverview Cemetery.

Thomas Norris died 1/8/1899 at 84 years

Thomas Norris died 10/27/1946 in J. C. Blair Hospital.  He was born in Dudley on 7/10/1883.  He married Georgetta.  Children include:  Elizabeth Jacobs, Ethel Moore, Marietta Matthews, Georgetta Brunner, Jane Crawford (all in Washington, DC), Eleanor, Thomas Edward, Luden, Hilda (all in Huntingdon), Pauline Pryzlepa, Ruth Ferrara (Rhode Island).  He was employed at the US Government Printing Office in Washington, DC.  Burial at Cedar Grove Cemetery, Washington.

Thomas M. Norris died 12/22/1931 at 66 years, 10 months, and 17 days in Douglasville, PA.  He was the son of Joseph J. and Mary Grove Norris.  He was born 2/5/1865 and married Mary Hoover on 11/8/1888.

Vera G. Norris died 2/7/1972 at 83 years.  She was the daughter of Barton and Amanda Norris.

Virginia Norris died 4/25/1975.

Walter Miles Norris died 10/24/1979 at 62 years.  He was killed by a car near Bellwood on Rt. 220.  He was born 8/20/197 in Shirleysburg, a son of Robert L. and Viola Norris.  He first married Irene Berta Dick, who died 7/1/1968.  He second married Janet Arlene Williams.  Children include:  Robert C., Barbara L. Partner, Edward R., Chester L., Linda D., Gerald K., Daniel F., Paul E., Nicholas E., Phyllis A.  Siblings include:  Virginia Snyder, Edith Wilson, 1 sister deceased.  Burial in Blair Memorial Park.

Wilber C. “Rib” Norris died 1/26/1991

William C. Norris died 11/22/1996 in Altoona.  He was born 12/12/1923 in Huntingdon, a son of Earl and Mable (Honstein) Norris; his mother survives.  Children include:  Ronald C., Debbie A. Wyandt.  Siblings include:  Jack, Richard, Patty Young, Jane Parks, Barbara Beard, Fred (deceased).

William Edgar Norris died 8/18/1956 in Penn Township.  He was born 2/9/1885 in Hesston, a son of Joseph Norris and Malinda Fisher.  He married Lena Mae Scheifer.  Children include:  Walter S., William H., and Edna Salkeld.  Siblings include:  J. Foster.  He was a retired boiler maker for the PRR.  Burial in Alto Reste Burial Park.

William H. Norris died 7/2/1977 at 60 years.

William H. Norris died 6/18/1977 at 56 years.

William H. Norris died 5/21/1969 in Mifflintown (another listing says he died in Cassville).  He was born 7/24/1889, a son of Samuel and Amanda (Gutshall) Norris.  He married Carrie A. Smith.  Children include:  William R., S. Wayde, and Marie who married Robert Brooks.  Burial at Bowman’s Chapel.

William Herman Norris died 3/15/1955 in J. C. Blair Hospital.  He was born 9/26/1880 in Marklesburg, a son of Lewis S. and Ella (Johnston) Norris.  He married Katie Cassidy on 6/28/1900; she died 6/3/1953.  Children include:  Loree Rutherford, Leroy, M/Sgt. Lewis S., Martha Bard, Lena married Mrshall Ranck, Arley married Donald Diven, Ona married Jay Frank Jr., Joyce Ellen (deceased).  Siblings include:  Mrs. Lawrence N. Crum, Charles, Mrs. Roy Bowman, Cloyd, Mrs. C. C. Smith, Maude Houchin.  Burial in IOOF Cemetery, Mount Union.

William S. Norris, Sr. of Mount Union died 11/25/1989.  He married Marguerite C. Horn on 9/15/1933 in Ashville, PA.  Children include:  1 son and 2 daughters.

William White Norris died 2/14/1941 in Hesston.  He was born 6/16/1853 in Penn Township, a son of David E. Norris and Elizabeth Grubb Norris.  He married Mary M. Waite on 6/12/1879 in Huntingdon; she died in 1923.  Children include:  John P., Olive Courson, Hannah Douglas, and Annie Hawn.  Siblings include:  Catherine Grove, Mary Ann Crownover.  Burial at the White Church.