Huntingdon County Historical Society

David Caldwell, son of Robert, married Rebecca Dean, daughter of Matthew, on 1/13/1789.  David was born 5/8/1762 and died 4/28/1813.  Rebecca was born 3/13/1770 and died about 1834.

Samuel Caldwell married Elizabeth Dean, daughter of Matthew, on 11/28/1797 and moved to Beaver County.

George William Coolidge married Anna Patton Robb on 6/15/1910 in Wilkinsburg

A.M. Creighton married Ellie Gray on 1/31/1860

Benjamin F. Duck of Jackson Co., MO, formerly of Huntingdon Co., married Catharine Bradley, daughter of Isham Bradley of Jackson Co. on 1/15/1857

John A. Duck married Emilie A. A. Haneger on 8/17/1857

David Enyeart, son of David and Margaret Enyeart, married Eliza Hoover, daughter of Valentine and Mary Hoover, on 12/30/1852

Lydia Ann Gill of Henderson Township married Henry Cremer, also of Henderson Township, on 1/25/1844

Mary B. Gill married Isaac Gagahan on 12/11/1890

Rebecca Gill of Mill Creek married John H. Garret of Barree Township on 10/11/1866

Samuel W. Gill married Annie C. Stover of Hopewell Township on 8/15/1865

Calvin Parks married Ettie Stever of Cass Township, daughter of G. W. Stever about 4/2/1885

D. B. Parks married Phebe E. Speck on 6/28/1877

Elizabeth Parks married John W. Curfman on 1/20/1861

George C. Parks married Etta G. Stever on 3/29/1885

J. L. Parks of Saxton married Edna Burnam of Saxton on 3/17/1922

James Parks of Birmingham married Susan Trueman of Blair Co. on 4/21/1859

John Parks married Elizabeth I Sherrett at Cassville on 2/9/1871

Margaret Parks married David P. Kent, all of Hollidaysburg, in February 1838

Mary A. Parks married William Garner on 1/2/1886 of Penn Township

Mary C. Parks of Walker Township married Corp. Miles Moore, Co. I, 5th Reg. PRVC on 2/23/1864

Nancy Parks married Levi Rumberger on 1/4/1827

Samuel Parks married Flora Waggoner on 8/31/1876

Daniel Livingston Reichard married Catherine Dawson on 10/17/1959 in Hagerstown

David Roy Reichard married Pauline Livingstone Robb on 11/21/1906 at the Robb home in Huntingdon

B. F. Rinker of Entriken married first Wealthy Madden, who died in 1889, on 8/3/1876; he second married Samantha E. Madden on 6/24/1890.

Benjamin F. Rinker of Ryde married Mary E. J. Marland on 8/2/1888

Frederick Murray Robb married Ruth Miller on 11/6/1907 at the Miller home in Altoona

Granville L. Robb married Margaretta Campbell on 10/17/1872 at the Reformed Church in McConnellstown

Guy Campbell Robb married Helen Lewis Mason on 10/15/1902 at the Mason home in Altoona

Belle Shaver of Mt. Union married Nicholas Decker of Huntingdon on 11/9/1869

John Shaver, Esq. married Sarah King, daughter of Thomas King on 4/9/1846; another records says John Shaver, late sheriff of Huntingdon County married Sarah King on 4/14/1847

Robert Shaver of Juniata Township married Sarah Kyler of Union Township on 4/12/1857

David Swope married Isabella Wright, daughter rof Abraham, on 3/3/1831

Lawrence Swope married Mary Baker on 1/19/1856, all of Union Township

M. Ella Swope of Trough Creek married J. Calvin Mierley at Trough Creek on 1/17/1878

Peter C. Swope married Sarah Robb on 1/4/1843