Huntingdon County Historical Society

Elizabeth Anderson was born on May 29th and died on 3/22/1923.

Henry Anderson was born 6/24/1840 and died 4/10/1910.  He was buried in the Anderson Cemetery.  He served in the Civil War with the 22nd cavalry.

Clayton Roland Bumgardner died 3/5/1962 in Chambersburg Hospital.  He was born 2/25/1891 in Union Township, a son of Martin and Mary Ellen (Swope) Bumgardner.  He married Sadie Mae Wilson, who is deceased.  He was a trackman for the PRR.  Children include:  William D., Ann Rhinesmith, Sarah Swan, Leona McCarty, Cloyd R., Earl Harold, 2 daughters deceased.  Siblings include:  Ethel Stapleton, Lewis.  Burial in Donation Cemetery.

George William Coolidge died 3/12/1912 at 34 years, 11 months, 2 days.

Mary Keichline Creighton, wife of Charles Creighton, of Salem, Oregon, died 12/26/1969.  She was the daughter of Dr. John and Martha (Thompson) Keichline.

Nancy Cunningham was born on 7/25/1862 and died on 3/8/1913 and was buried in the Reformed Church Cemetery in Marklesburg.

Sara M. Duck died 3/5/1963.  She was born 8/6/1900 in Greenwood Furnace, a daughter of Samuel L. and Mary Emel McClellan.  She married Willis C. Duck on 1/26/1932.

Catharine Fink, daughter of Valentine, was born 4/14/1849 in Penn Township.  She died 5/18/1934 in Bedford.  She married Charles Alexander Willoughby on 3/20/1872.  Charles was born 1/27/1851 in Huntingdon.  He died 1/14/1930 in Bedford.

S. Herman Fouse died 7/20/1957 at J. C. Blair Hospital.  He was born 2/16/1878 in Marklesburg, a son of William S. and Martha Schell Fouse.  He married Harriet Cunningham on 12/27/1899.  His children include:  Fred, Grace married to Ralph Queener, Martha married to E. S. Cain, Edwin L., William H., Mary married to Donald Murdoch, Samuel S., George T., and Harriet married to Roy Rodger.  He is survived by a brother, W. Lester Fouse.  He was an 1895 graduate of Juniata College.  He was buried in the Entriken Cemetery.

Connie Eileen Garner died about 10/1/1954.  She was the daughter of Ralph E. Garner.

Robert Anderson Garner died 4/30/1946 and was buried in the Anderson Cemetery.  He was born 4/1/1872.

Lizzie Grove was born on 9/12/1856 and died on 7/13/1878 and was buried in the Grove Cemetery.

Andrew E. Grubb died 2/9/1945 (another listing says 2/7/1945).  He lived with Robert Grubb.  He was born 12/31/1875 (another listing says 1/1/1875), a son of Samuel and Elizabeth Anderson Grubb.  He was not married.  Siblings include:  Thomas, Mrs. Bertha Fisher, Anna Grubb.  Burial at White Church.

George Kensinger, Sr. died 9/11/1896.

Haden Kensinger died 7/31/1955.

Martin Lininger died on 9/1/1923 at 76 years of age.  He was buried in the White Church Cemetery.

Daniel Matthews was born 6/9/1814 in Huntingdon County.  He lost a leg in a railroad accident near Harrisburg in the early 1830s.  He went to Osceola, AR about 1835.  He married Mary Young, a daughter of Andy and Elizabeth Young about 1841 or 1849.  He died in 1884.

Thomas Matthews died 12/11/1850 at 27 years.

Mary Ann Mountain was born 2/23/1807 and died 9/22/1853.  She was the daughter of Andrew and Martha White.  She married David Mountain.  She was buried at Shoups Burial Ground in Hopewell Township.

Alma Parks died 12/25/1972 at 77 years.  She married Berley M. Parks.  She was a daughter of William and Laura (Crownover) Thompson.

Berley M. Parks died 11/2/1976 at 84 years.

D. B. Parks died 5/7/1881 at 26 years.

Margaretta L. Parks died 10/18/1985 in Huntingdon.  She was born 5/4/1897 at Entriken, a daughter of Ira and Gertrude (Norris) Lynn.  She married Ray H. Parks in 1913.  Children include:  Ethelda Nier, Donald T., Cleo G. Gordon, Orville Ray Parks (deceased).  Burial in White Church Cemetery.

Nicholas Parks died 11/7/1888 at 78 years.  He was from Warriors Mark Township.

Granville Livingston Robb died 2/5/1902 in Huntingdon at 59 years, 2 months, 8 days.  Burial in Riverview Cemetery.

George Schell was born in February 1796 and died 11/9/1852 when he was run over by a wagon.  He was the son of Peter and Catharine Schell.  He married Mary.  Their children were:  John, Elizabeth, Mary, Samuel, Margaret, Charlotte, Washington, Alfred, and Catherine.  He was buried in the Lutheran Cemetery in Marklesburg.

Mrs. Jane Shaver died 7/20/1845 in Shirley Township.  She was the wife of the late sheriff John Shaver.

Jane M. (Andrews) Shaver died 1/21/1899 at 65 years in Mt. Union.  She was born 12/7/1833.  She married John Shaver, a son of Samuel Shaver.

Major John Shaver died 5/4/1863 at 65 years of age in Shirley Township.

Harry H. Swope died 7/31/1920.  He was born 4/6/1840 in Trough Creek Valley, a son of David and Isabel Swope.  He married Catherine Heifner in December 1865.

Mrs. Mary Swope died in September 1889 at 65 years in Penn Township.