Huntingdon County Historical Society

Annie L. Kinch died 9/1/1890 at 20 years of age and was buried in Altoona

David Kinch died 4/9/1853 at 47 years in Franklin Township from typhoid fever. He was a blacksmith, and the son of John Kinch. He was born in Lancaster County on 10/2/1805. He married Mary. He was buried in the Lutheran Graveyard in Franklin Township.

David Kinch died 3/30/1915 at 82 years in Altoona. He was born in Neffs Mills. His wife and 10 children survive. He was a blacksmith and learned the trace at Huntingdon Furnace. He moved to Altoona in 1867 and was employed by the PRR. He was elected mayor of Altoona in 1873. He rode the first passenger train run over the middle division of the PRR. He heard Lincoln deliver his address at Gettysburg in 1863. He was buried in Oak Ridge Cemetery in Altoona.

Donald Dwaine Kinch died 7/13/1957 in a car accident. He was a 1956 graduate of Tyrone Area High School. He worked for Moyer Brothers Contracting in Altoona. He was born 12/20/1937, a son of Paul L. and Jennie L. (Esterly) Kinch at Philipsburg. He was in the U. S. Marine Corps from 12/28/1955 8/31/1956. His siblings include: Elaine Louise and Edna May. His paternal grandfather is John Kinch of Tyrone RD. He was buried in the Burket Cemetery at Warriors Mark.

Harry Kinch died 10/18/1898 in Warriors Mark at 30 years of age. He was formerly from Altoona, but a native of Warriors Mark. His wife survives.

Maggie Lorena Kinch died 8/5/1866 in Warriors Mark at nearly 4 years of age. She was the daughter of Daniel and Adaline Kinch.

Samuel Kinch died 8/10/1873 at Warriors Mark at 33 years of age