Huntingdon County Historical Society

Esther Muriel Gill died 7/22/1994. She was born 1/23/1906 in Huntingdon, a daughter of John Jacob and Edwinna Pearl (Speck) Gill. Siblings include: Martha married Stuart Senft, Rachel Lutz (deceased). Burial in Mountainview Cemetery, Mill Creek.

Franklin Stephans Gill died 3/31/1954. He was born 1/28/1868 in Penn Township.

Gary R. Gill died 8/14/1994 in Lakemont. He was born 3/7/1938 in Huntingdon, a son of Aden A. G. and Carrie (Corcelius) Gill. Children include: Brenda married Bruce McAleese, Karen L. Gill, Susan married Dean Berger, Debra K. Gill. Siblings include: Richard E., Bernard I., Shirley A. Albright, Barbara M. Gill. Burial in the White Church Cemetery.

Mary Elizabeth Gill died 3/29/1952. She was born 8/11/1878 in Penn Township, a daughter of John P. and Catherine Norris Gove. She married James M. Gill on 1/25/1906; he survives. Children include: John P., Thomas W., Aden, Sam, Robert, Catherine, Allen. Burial at the White Church.