The first record of one Alexander McCall appeared in the 1800 U.S. Census for Pennsylvania.  Living in Huntingdon Township, Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania, he had 7 dependents, one of whom was his wife Elenor (no maiden name found).  Alexander and Elenor (commonly referred to as Ellen) were both in the 26-45 age category.  A later census categorized the ages differently indicating that Alexander was born before 1770, while Ellen was born in the 1770s.  Among the six children, four males were listed, three in the 0-10 year age group and one in the 10-16 age group.  Two females were listed, one in the 10-16 age group and one in the 16-26 group.  Subsequent census reports and other documents indicate that only three of the six enumerated children were those of Alexander and Ellen.  Having other children or adults in the household, especially relatives, was not uncommon at that time.


No McCall family was found in the 1810 Census for Huntingdon County.   That the census taker missed finding them in the back woods between Middle Ridge and Allegrippis Ridge of Hopewell Township is quite likely.  Certainly by 1812, Alexander was in Huntingdon County, for he filed a Declaration of Intent for citizenship in the Court of Common Pleas.  The document stated that he arrived in the United States and had resided in Maryland and Pennsylvania since July of 179X.  Thus, the exact year was at that time not known by the writer of the document. 


In the follow-up Petition for Citizenship, filed with the Court in the April, 1815, session, it was stated that Alexander "has resided within the limits and under the jurisdiction of the United States between the eighteenth day of June 1798 and the fourteenth day of April 1802 and has continued to reside within the same upwards of five years last past and within the State of Pennsylvania upwards of one year last past."   Alexander then took the oath of citizenship, giving up his allegiance to "the King of England and Ireland".  Thus, he and all members of his family became United States citizens in 1815.


So far, research has not revealed the name of the ship or the port of entry for this McCall family into the United States.   The most likely scenario is that they arrived in Maryland at a Chesapeake Bay port, possibly Baltimore or St. Mary’s, lived no more than two to four years in that state, then moved north to Pennsylvania.


In the 1980s, family researcher, Charles Douglass of Euclid, Ohio, stated that there were eight children who could be identified as those of Alexander and Ellen.  They were John B., Kate, Robert, Matthew M., Alexander, William A., James B., and Sarah Ellen.  Douglass provided nothing more about Kate than her name. 


Based on known ages and the 1800 Census age categories, eldest son John, was likely born in Ireland, as was Kate.  Who the other two males were in the Under Age 10 category is not known.  Kate and her mother represented two of the females listed in that census, but a third woman in the 16-25-age category has gone unidentified.  What of the unidentified three?  There are some indications that other McCalls visited, or lived in, the McCall household from time to time; some may have lived with the family in those earliest years in Huntingdon County before moving on to marry and establish residences of their own in western Pennsylvania or beyond.  Records list the birthplace of second son, Robert, as Maryland in 1797.  Third son, Matthew, was born in Huntingdon County in 1799. The remaining four children were also born there after 1800.


The McCall family was recorded as living in Hopewell Township, Huntingdon County, in 1804, but Alexander purchased land as early as 1801.   Douglass stated that he “was a farmer and owned over 450 acres at the time of his death.  At one time he owned over 700 acres in Hopewell Township.  And he always had at least two horses and two cows.”    Alexander bought land from a McNitt in 1805. (In the 1840s, Hopewell township was subdivided; Alexander’s land was located in what became Penn Township.)


In the 1820 Census, Alexander's was still the only McCall family listed in the township, and there were some changes in the family make-up.  No female of Kate's age was listed by the census taker, but another female in her late teens to early twenties was present.  She is unidentified, but may have been the wife of eldest son John whose first child was born in 1822.  All six of the sons were still living in the household; the oldest three were listed as farmers along with their father.


By 1830 there were three McCall households in Hopewell Township.  Robert and Alexander, Jr. had married and established residences nearby.  Eldest son John had taken his family westward in Pennsylvania to Armstrong County where he purchased land.  Matthew had also moved out, but was unmarried. Father Alexander, now past age 60, and Mother, Ellen, in her 50s, were left with two sons, a daughter and yet another unidentified teenager (perhaps a grandchild) in the household. 


The next record of Alexander McCall is found in the 1840 April Term, Court of Common Pleas, File No. 178. There it states that Matthew McCall, one of the sons and heirs of “Alexander McCall, late of Henderson Township”, filed a petition to settle his father’s estate.  This petition shows that the widow, Ellen, was still living, but eldest son John had died, leaving a widow and six minor children residing in Armstrong County.  Another son, Alexander, had died after his father's death but prior to the date of the petition.  He left 5 children, all under age14.  Charles Douglass’ research indicated “Records in the Huntingdon Historical Library, Huntingdon, Pennsylvania, show that Alexander McCall died May 11, 1833 in the Woodcock Valley.”  The Huntingdon Gazette listed Alexander's death as May 15, 1833.


An early deed in the courthouse of Huntingdon County indicates that Alexander bought a property in the village of McConnellstown in what later became Walker Township.  The property included a blacksmith shop.  The purchase was made one to three years before Alexander died.  Whether he actually moved from his farm in the ridges to McConnellstown in the Woodcock Valley before he died is not known.  If that move occurred and he died there, he may have been buried in the village’s cemetery.  That location is consistent with the Historical Society record, but is in disagreement with the petition to settle the estate.  No gravesite for Alexander or Ellen has ever been identified.


 Douglass stated that Alexander’s wife Ellen was born in Maryland after 1770 and that she may have died about 1852(no explanation given for that date).

The couple had the following children:

  i. John B. (abt 1790- bef 1840)

  ii. Kate. B. abt 1794.

  iii. Robert (1797-1864)

  iv. Matthew M. (1799-1871)

  v. Alexander (1802-1838)

  vi. William A. (1805-1878)

  vii. James B. (1811-1873)

  viii. Sarah Ellen (1818-1891)




Children and grandchildren of Alexander and Elenor McCall


1.            JOHN B. McCALL – b. abt. 1790, d. bef.  1840


                Based on age categories in the 1800 Census, John was born between 1784 and 1790.  It is most likely that he was born in Ireland, as the McCall family did not arrive in the U.S. until the 1790s.  According to Duchesne Clark’s Internet website, John married one Anna Satshaw, born abt. 1795.  No marriage date is known, but based on children’s birth dates, the time was likely around 1820.

                John was listed as living in his father’s household in 1820, but he moved at some later time, settling in what was then Armstrong County in western Pennsylvania.  When a portion of Armstrong was allocated to the new county of Clarion, John’s family became residents of Perry Township in the new county.  In 1840 when his deceased father’s will was probated, Anna was listed as head of household with 4 or 5 children; John apparently died in the 1830s, but no gravestone was found to identify a date of death.    Anna requested a legal guardian for the children, as they were minors when the will was probated in the early 1840s.  She was living in the household of married son Peter in 1850, but was not found in the 1860 Census. 

                There were 6 children born to John and Anna over a 10-year period, beginning in 1822, 3 sons and 3 daughters.  Details about each follow.


                Alexander, named for his grandfather, was born May 8, 1822.  In his mother’s request for a legal guardian, she listed Alexander as “imbecilic”.  He later signed documents with an “X”.  He was still with his mother in 1850, but I found nothing about him later in Clarion County.  Duchesne Clark, mentioned earlier, had him married to one Barbara Anne Galbraith on May 8, 1857.  She had been married earlier.  Clark shows Alexander’s death date as Oct 25, 1892 at Bradford, McKean County.


                Peter, second child and second son was born in 1824.  As male head of the family, it was he who wrote to the courts of Huntingdon County in the early 1850s to state that the requirements of his grandfather’s will had been fulfilled for him and his siblings.  He married Mary A. ____________, born in 1833.  Peter died in 1897 and Mary, in 1901.  We found a tombstone with their names and that of their son, Neely, in a remote lower corner of the Concord Presbyterian Cemetery in Perry Township, Clarion County. 

Peter and Mary had two children.  The elder, Viola Blanche McCall (1859-1935) married Joseph W. Terwilliger, a native of Perry Township.  They had at least 8 children.  Viola served as postmistress for a period of two years in a place that was later named Perryville.

The second child of Peter and Mary was David Neely McCall (1866-1942).  Known locally as Neely, he had somewhat limited mental capacities.  He did not marry, but was able to farm, having purchased or been willed 2 of the 3 plots of land that ware owned by his father.  He was rarely more than a few miles from home, although on several occasions, he did accompany a neighbor to Pittsburgh on business.  The neighbor was a barrel maker, and Neely helped move the barrels down the Allegheny River to Pittsburgh where the barrels were sold.


                Elizabeth was born about 1826, either in Huntingdon or Armstrong County, depending on when her parents moved to Armstrong County.  Before 1849 she married David Crick (birth and death dates: abt. 7/20/1823-11/2/1893).  They were living near David’s parents in Toby Twp., Clarion Co., in 1850, and in Rimersburg, Clarion Co., from 1864 until at least 1872.  Her name is not on the tombstone with David’s in the Rimersburg Cemetery.  Whether they had any children is not known to me.  David, the son of Adam Crick and Mary Hammer, was living in Venango Co. in 1872.  David and his twin brother Lewis were the 9th and 10th children in their family.


                John L. – 12/24/1829 – 8/16/1887, married Samantha Reigle (1/31/1833-6/22/1875) on 3/13/1851 in Clarion Co. where John was born.  They had 10 children, 4 boys, 6 girls, whose birth years stretch from 1852 to 1875.  Four of the children died as infants or as young children.  John moved to Illinois, then to Missouri where he was buried.  We have been in the home of descendants in Lebanon, Missouri, and Cody, Wyoming; I have traced descendants as far west as Yellowstone, Wyoming.  John served in the PA Volunteers during the Civil War and was wounded in the left arm, which stripped the arm of its strength and created numbness throughout his life.


                Martha, born 1830 to 1832, was deceased before 1840.  There is no mention of her in grandfather Alexander’s will.


                Sarah Ellen, born abt. 1831 in Perry Twp., Clarion County.  Her brother Peter did not mention her name in acknowledging receipt of the family’s share of grandfather Alexander’s will in 1854.  She may have been deceased before that date.


2.            KATE McCALL


                Kate, listed as a family member by Charles F. Douglass in his “The McCall Family of Huntingdon County” 1992, is the only child of the immigrants about whom nothing is known.  Douglass may have gotten her name from earlier work by Duchesne Clark then of Glen Burnie, MD.   Clark’s site on Ancestry names Kate with this note: “was mentioned on a chart forwarded by John M. Brumbaugh in Sep ‘57, prepared by his mother.  Kate was listed as a daughter, but with a question mark.”   John M. was John McCall Brumbaugh (1906-1993); his mother was Rachel Gertrude McCall Brumbaugh (1870-1957), grandmother of my wife, Dorothy Garner McCall.

We have found no information to prove Kate's existence.  If she had been a member of the family earlier, she may have married and left the household, which seems unlikely since no records of any kind were found.  She may have died as a child or she may have been a relative living with the McCall family.  Based on age categories of some early census records, the latter seems more likely, but is unproven.  If she were a child of Alexander and Elenor, she would have been born between 1790 and 1796, more likely in Ireland than in America.



3.            ROBERT McCALL – 1/23/1797 – 8/23/1864


                Robert’s birthplace is uncertain.  Since the exact date that his parents moved from Maryland to Pennsylvania is not known, we cannot assign a birthplace, although he may have been born in Maryland.

                On April 12, 1827 Robert married Martha Shaw (1/3/1806 – 8/14/1864).  She was born in Pennsylvania.  Robert bought half of his deceased father’s land, and he and Martha lived there in what became Penn Township, in an area known as Middle Ridge that lies between Piney and Allegrippis Ridges. The location was within a mile of where Jacob’s Church (The White Church) stands today.  Robert contributed lumber for the building of that church in 1861.

                Martha died of dysentery in mid-August of 1864.  Robert died 9 days later, perhaps of the same malady, although he had been in ill health for some time.  Knowing that his days to live were fairly limited, Robert chose a guardian for his two youngest living daughters who were still minors in 1864.

                Robert and Martha had 12 children who were born over a 23-year span beginning in 1827.  Some data on them follow.


                Alexander (Aleck) – 1827-1855, married Matilda Glenn, 3/24/1854.  He died 10/5/1855 as the result of being kicked by a horse.  There apparently was a child born, perhaps after he died, because a child was to get her father’s share of grandfather Robert’s estate.


                James S. McCall - 2/2/1830 – 8/22/1903   married Elizabeth B. Bookwalter (6/15/1834 – 3/18/1888) on 1/15/1857.  Around 1865 he and Elizabeth moved to Daviess Co., Indiana.  In the late 1800s he moved to Kansas where he later died; his body was shipped back to Daviess County where he was buried at the Talbott Chapel Cemetery.  He and Elizabeth had 7 children; the first two were born in Pennsylvania for certain, the remainder may have been born elsewhere.  The first three lived and married; the last four died as infants or within two years of birth.

                After Elizabeth died in March of 1888 in Indiana, James married Rebecca __________ in October of that year.  Sometime after 1888 they moved to Saline Co., Kansas.  The children who lived to adulthood, married and remained in Indiana or Kansas.


                Mary Jane McCall – 11/16/1831 – 12/21/1906   married Anthony Forshey (1/10/1831-3/9/1911) on 12/1/1850.  They remained in Penn Twp., lived near the White Church and were buried there.  They had nine children between 1851 and 1872.  The first five children died young, one as an infant in 1854, three in the summer of 1862 of dysentery, and one at the age of two in 1864.  The latter may have died of dysentery also, as he died within two days of his grandmother, Martha Shaw McCall, who died of dysentery.  The Forsheys, in effect, started a second family in 1865.  Those children grew to adulthood, married and had families.


                Eleanor “Ellen” McCall – 9/24/1833 – 8/6/1904   married Philip Garner (8/31/1834-2/11/1865) on 3/25/1856.   They had 3 children by 1863.  Philip enlisted for service in the Civil War in 1864, was captured in Virginia and starved to death in prison in North Carolina.  The middle child, Winfield Scott Garner, at age 10 and working on the John Peightel farm in Penn Twp., was one of the victims in the infamous Peightel murders.


                George Washington Baker McCall – 10/6/1836 – 10/25/1900 married first cousin Martha A. McCall (4/13/1848-4/2/1912) on 6/21/1866 in Indiana.  He, a Civil War veteran, moved to Daviess Co., IN, and took up farming near his brother James.  Four of the 6 children of this marriage lived to adulthood, married and had children.


                Sarah Ann McCall, born 7/24/1838, married Henry Showalter 10/19/1857.  They moved to Roaring Spring, Blair Co.  The marriage produced 5 children.  Sarah Ann was living in McConnellstown in 1906, presumably as a widow.


                John McCall – 5/15/1840 – 12/17/1863, enlisted for Civil War service and died while serving under Gen. George G. Meade somewhere in Virginia.  It was believed that he died at Bealeton Station, but that is uncertain.  John had not married.


                William Henry McCall – 4/8/1842 – 6/28/1914 – was mustered into C Company of the 53rd Regiment of the PA Volunteers in early 1864 and was wounded twice in Virginia.

He married Catherine D. Bookwalter (3/17/1844-1/2/1868) on 1/11/1866.  They had one child.  Catherine died 4 weeks after the birth of their only child.  The infant survived for 9 months.

A year later, William 2nd married Salina Ann Hawn (2/10/1846-2/27/1881) on 2/16/1869.  They had 8 children of whom one died as an infant; the rest lived into the 20th century.

William and Salina were members of Jacob’s German Reformed Church (The White Church) in Penn Twp. He was an elder there in 1874.  In 1879 the family moved to Kansas where Salina died less than two years later.

William was married a 3rd time on 5/29/1884 to Rebecca Jane, last name Carrol or Maguire in Kansas. Rebecca was previously married, and which name was her maiden name is not known to me.  Her birth and death dates:  (1/11/1854-11/26/1932).  They had 3 children, 2 of whom died before reaching the age of 2 years. 

The family was living in Culver, Ottawa Co., Kansas, in 1906, William’s probable burial site.


                Robert McCall – 1/26/1844 – 1/13/1851 - died as a child before age 7.  Alternate source lists him as dying at age 12.  No marked gravestone was found for him at the stated place of burial, the White Church Cemetery in Penn Township.


                Anna Elizabeth “Annie” McCall – 3/20/1846 – 9/16/1927 married William Richardson (10/14/1845-5/11/1882) on 2/10/1867.  They had 6 children, the last of whom was born after William died.  Anna was listed as a servant in the household of one John Garner in the 1900 Census.  She died at the home of her son William in Hollidaysburg, Blair Co.

In her father’s will, it was requested that Thomas Norris (1814-1899) act as Annie’s guardian until she reached her majority.  When that time came, Annie had to petition the courts to get Norris to release her share of the estate.


                Martha McCall – 3/31/1847 – 11/1/1847 – died as an infant; burial place is presumably the White Church Cemetery


                Margaret “Maggie” Malinda McCall – 10/3/1850 – 3/16/1926   Her father died when she was just 14 and she chose David Norris, brother to Thomas Norris, to be her guardian.  She married John Kyler 12/17/1874.  John died 8/22/1888.  On 6/16/1892, at age 41 she married widower John Carothers, born 2/15/1841.  Maggie had no children.



4.            MATTHEW M. McCALL – 4/14/1799  - 4/16/1871


                Matthew was born in Huntingdon County (township not known) and died in Penn Twp.  He first married Susan Garner on 6/5/1834.  She was born 5/28/1810, the daughter of John John Garner and Mary Fread.  Susan died within 2 years of the marriage.  Oral history indicated that she had 2 children, possibly twins, and that they died with her.  No verification has been forthcoming.

                Within 2 years Matthew married Susan’s younger sister Mary.  She was born in July 1815 and died 7/4/1855 just short of her 40th birthday (cause unknown, but five months after the birth of her last child). 

                Mary’s father died later than his daughter.  His land was divided among his children, and because Mary was deceased, widower Matthew McCall inherited her share of land.

                Matthew and Mary had 10 children, 6 males and 4 females, between 1837 and 1855.  Details about the children follow.


                John McCall – 8/17/1837 – 6/17/1905    He served in Co. K, 78th Regiment of PA Volunteers only 6 months due to enlisting near the war’s end.  On 11/4/1869 he married Sarah Ann “Sally” Beaver, born 11/9/1843, died 3/12/1929.  Sally, the daughter of John Beaver and Catherine Garner, was the 6th of 11 children.  John and Sally had one child, Ida Catharine who married Ira Stone.


                Michael McCall – 11/10/1838 – 3/11/1886   served in the Civil War, 1861-1865.  He suffered a bout with typhoid fever in a march to Sharpsburg, was in a hospital in Baltimore and missed the battle of Antietam.  He was later wounded in a leg at Gettysburg. Michael re-enlisted later in the war, making the rank of sergeant. 

                On 1/17/1867, after re-entering civilian life, he married Nancy Parks, the daughter of George M. Parks and Christina Showalter.  She was born 7/1/1847, died 11/15, 1914.  The couple had 5 children, 4 females and one male; all lived and married.  One of the females was Rachel Gertrude McCall, noted earlier; the male was my grandfather, Burton Irvin McCall (1876-1960).

                Michael was unwell the remainder of his life from the typhoid episode and was unable to do a full day’s work.  His weakened physical condition contributed to his early death at age 47.


                Alexander McCall – 10/15/1840 – 12/19/1903   served with D. Company in the 205th PA Volunteers in the Civil War.  He was a farmer.

                On 3/17/1864 he married Eleanor “Ellen” A. Norris, daughter Of Isaac Norris and Mary Showalter.   She was born 4/27/1844, died 3/15/1902.  The couple had 5 children, 3 females, followed by 2 males.


                Eleanor “Ellen” McCall – 8/14/1849– 5/21/1920    was born in the Marklesburg area, died at the home of a daughter in Saxton, Bedford County.  On 6/11/1871 she married William H. Getic, born 7/3/1849, died 9/16/1932 or possibly 9/21/1930.  They had 6 children, 5 of whom lived to adulthood, married and had families.


                Catherine McCall – 5/2/1844 – 5/16/1860      no information on cause of her death as a teenager.


                Matthew Mark McCall – 7/30/1846 – 7/21/1918 entered the Civil War as a very young man in Company D, 205th PA Volunteers.  At age 17 was at battle of Gettysburg guarding ammunition at Little Round Top.

                On 10/1/1868 or 1869 he married Mary Elizabeth “Eliza” Norris, daughter Of Isaac Norris and Mary Showalter.  She was born 3/12/1849, died 12/13 or 18/1919.  They had 4 sons.  Matthew and brother Alexander married sisters from the Isaac Norris family.


                Orlady Grafton McCall – a twin of Matthew Mark, 7/30/1846 – 9/9/1899 was named for the delivering doctor and the doctor’s village (See related article on An Unusual McCall Name found on this website).   On 2/25/1874 he married Eleanor “Ellen” Garner, daughter of John B. Garner and Eleanor Norris.  She was born, 1/18/1847, died 10/18/ 1916.  The couple had 2 sons.


                William H. McCall – 10/25/1848 – 3/21/1884   did not marry and likely was not able to live alone.  He was living in the home of brother Alexander in 1880, at age 32.


                Sarah Ann McCall – 4/4/1852 – 3/23/1923   On 12/12/1871 she married Thomas Horton Anderson, son of Robert Anderson and Barbara Horton.  He was born 4/14/1848, died 5/26/1919.  They lived near Mapleton Depot, had 5 sons and 4 daughters.


                Mary A. McCall – 6/28/1855 – 2/10/1937 was married to David Heffner who died 12/21/1894.  She may have been married earlier to a Morningstar and/or another person, as her obituary listed 2 sons, F.C. Morningstar and James Heffner



5.            ALEXANDER McCALL – 9/10/1802 – 3/30/1838


                Alexander was likely born in Huntingdon County and died in Penn Township.  He was given the additional title of Junior by the Census taker in 1830.  Two years earlier he married Jane Norris, daughter of Joseph Norris, Jr. and Elizabeth “Betsy” Enyeart on 3/30/ 1828.   She was born 3/25/1798 according to a genealogy source written before 1930.  However, her age listed as 63 in the 1860 Census means she was born either in 1797 or 1796 depending the time of year the Census was enumerated.  The marriage of Alexander and Jane marked the first union of the McCall and Norris families in Huntingdon County.               

                Alexander was a farmer in Penn Township, but the location of the farm remains uncertain.  He was the first of the immigrant’s sons to die, although 3 of his brothers were older.  His early death left Jane a widow for the last 26 years of her life.  She was left with 5 small children to rear.  When her father’s estate was divided and sold in the late 1850s, Jane bought one of his farms atop Allegrippis Ridge, perhaps the one where she and Alexander had been living all along.  It is thought that her youngest son Joseph took over the farm work at a later date.  Jane’s mother, Betsy, was living in the household in 1850.

                Burial of the couple was in the Norris family cemetery on the farm along the Raystown Branch of the Juniata River in Penn Township.  The gravestones were moved to the higher ground of the White Church Cemetery around 1970 when the Corps of Engineers condemned the river valley to build a much larger dam for flood control, recreation and power production. (See related article, The Norris Family Cemetery, on this website)

                Of the 5 children, the first 3 were females, the last 2, males.  Some details on the them follow.


                Elizabeth “Betsy” McCall - 3/4/1829 – 6/5/1914 – named for her mother’s mother; married an older Samuel Grubb.  The marriage dates, month, day and year are uncertain as conflicting dates are found in various sources.  When a brother died in March of 1914, she was the last surviving of her siblings even though she was the firstborn.  Husband Samuel, son of Jacob Grubb and Anna Mary Garner was born 1/4/1815 and died 6/27/1894.  The couple had 7 children born from earlier than 1860 to 1871.  Six lived to adulthood and married.  Information on some of the children is very limited.  Two of them moved as far away as Iowa and South Dakota.  One of her sons married a McCall cousin from the Alexander McCall/Jane Norris branch of the family.


                Eleanor – born 10/6/1830 in Penn Township, died 4/30/1911.  She and older sister Betsy were the only family members to live to achieve the age of 80 years.  On 6/6/1861 in Marklesburg she married Andrew B. Grubb, born 2/16/1822, died 3/1/1902. 

                Andrew was the son of a Samuel Grubb of an earlier generation and Hannah Boyer; he was a cousin of Betsy’s husband, Samuel.  Andrew was a farmer and stock raiser, likely in the Woodcock Valley part of Penn Township.  Eleanor and Andrew had 2 sons, the first of whom married before age 22, died at age 28.  Whether he had children is not known.

                Later in life Eleanor visited Norris relatives in LaGrange, Indiana, where a contingent of the Norris family had moved in the late 1860s and 1870s.  Mother Jane Norris McCall was living in Eleanor’s household in 1860.


                Mary Ann McCall – 4/20/1832 – 3/7/1880     did not marry


                David M. McCall – 11/4/1834 – 9/26/1897   was a mute; lived and farmed with younger brother Joseph.  He froze some fingers while hauling stones for the family barn foundation.  The farm was located on Alleprippis Ridge, Penn Township.


                Joseph McCall – 12/5/1836 – 3/19/1914 born and likely died in Penn Township.  In the early 1860s Joseph married Mary Bookwalter, daughter of Daniel Bookwalter and Barbara Heffner.  She was born 5/5/1833 and died 3/7/1879 or 1880.  They had 2 sons and 1 daughter. Mary died at age 46.

                In Marklesburg on May 3, 1888, Joseph second married Ellen Margaret Fisher, daughter of Casper Fisher and Margaret Harker.  She was born 12/5/1855 and died 7/21/1934.  They had 1 daughter and 1 son.  Ellen was 19 years younger than Joseph, and after he died, Ellen married two more times, first to a doctor in 1917 and later to Harry M. Shaffer in 1921; she was buried alongside first husband Joseph and his first wife.  She developed skin cancer on her face and died as a result.  It was thought among the local populace that the cancer developed from her excessive use of make up on the face, making her stand out in the community of rural folk who considered her a “high flyer”.  It was reported that she did not get along well with her sisters, mostly due to her life style.



6.            WILLIAM A. McCALL – 2/11/1805 – 4/16/1879   


                William was born in Hopewell (later Penn) Township and died in Bogard Township, Daviess County, Indiana.  He married Margaret “Peggy” Donelson/Donalson/Donaldson in the first years of the 1830s.  She was born 8/1/1816, died 2/6/1901 in Daviess County, Indiana.  She may have been born in Virginia.  Both were buried in the Talbott Chapel Cemetery in Daviess County.


                About 1843 they traveled westward by way of rail, then riverboats down the Ohio River and up the Mississippi River to Quincy, Illinois.  Because of crop failures in their first year of farming and Peggy’s homesickness, the family started home the next year.  As part payment for their passage back to Pennsylvania, sons Alec and Andrew foraged for wood along the Mississippi River to feed the fire that powered the steamboat on which they and their family were traveling. 

                The boat broke down at Evansville, Indiana.  While waiting many days for it to be repaired, William learned of "good rich land reasonably priced" at a place called Sugarland in Daviess County.  After buying a wagon and a team of horses, he loaded up his family and possessions and headed north.  They may have lived in Washington Township at first but soon moved to Bogard Township where they purchased 20 acres of land.  They corded wood and tended corn with hoes in order to make ends meet.  The boys had just one pair of pants and one shirt each, a reflection of their dire financial circumstances.  After the boys went to bed, Peggy washed their clothes each night.   The family’s thrift and tenacity helped them to eventually amass between 200 and 300 acres of land.               


                The couple had 7 children, 3 males and4 females.  Four or five of the children were born in Pennsylvania, the remaining ones, in Indiana. 


                Alexander  Alec” McCall – 12/25/1833 – 5/2/1900   Eldest son of William A., he married Elizabeth Pricilla Tomey (5/26/1835-12/27/1883) on 2/28/1857 in Washington Township, Daviess Co., IN.  Known by middle name Pricilla, she was the daughter of Armstead Bracher Tomey and Dolly Myers.  Seven years into the marriage and the birth of three children, Alec enrolled for Civil War duty.  He was discharged in 1865 and went back to farming.

                The couple had 8 children, 5 females and 3 males.  Four of the females were deceased before their father’s death in 1900.  When Pricilla died, Alec’s brother Andy helped buy cemetery land across the road from the Bethel United Brethren Church.  Eventually, the brothers, their wives and their children and children’s spouses were buried there.

                Before Aleck’s death he owned all, or nearly all, of 2 quarter sections of land, that is 320 acres.  Divided into 4 equal parts, children Sarah, Theodore, and Clarence each received 80 acres.  Theodore purchased an additional 40 acres which may or may not have been the remainder of his father’s land.


                Elizabeth McCall – born in 1835 in Huntingdon Co.  She married Martin Albert on 10/25/1853.  They had one child, Antilla Albert, born before 1878.


                Sarah McCall – 2/20/1837 – 4/12/1863   Born in Huntingdon Co., died in Daviess Co., IN.  On 2/22/1858 she married David J. Tomey in Daviess Co.  He was born 11/23/1837 in Indiana, died 4/12/1898 in Daviess Co.  Sarah had one child before she died at age 26.  The child, Mary L. Tomey, was born 11/1859.  On 12/21/1864, David second married Mary Perkins.


                Andrew J. McCall – 2/10/1839 – 3/18/1913   Born in Huntingdon Co., died in Daviess Co., IN.

On 10/2/1871 in Daviess County, he married Mary Charlotte Peachee, daughter of James Peachee and Martha Ann Allison.  Mary was born 1/28/1850 in Daviess Co., died 11/24/1938 in Epsom, Daviess Co.

                Andrew was a farmer.  Having built the “very best house and barn in his community”, Andy owned 500 acres.  One of his land purchases was a quarter section in 1865.

                He and Mary had 6 children from 1872 to 1894, including a set of twins.  The first 5 died as infants or were stillborn.  Only the sixth child who was born much later lived to adulthood.  The couple compensated by rearing other family and in-law members, as in 1900 there were two teenage girls listed as in-laws in the household.  In 1910 there was another teenage girl, a Peachee cousin, living with the couple and their son.  The son, John Austin McCall, became a farmer, married and had a son. 

The son, named for his father, married and had 5 children.  He died in 2009.

                Andrew’s wife Mary was living with son John at the time of the 1920 Census.


                Eleanor McCall – 2/28/1845 - 12/13/1852   died at age 7.  Was buried in the Bethel Cemetery.  She may have been born in Pennsylvania.


                Martha A. McCall – 4/13/1848 – 4/2/1912   was born and died in Daviess County.  On 6/21/1866 she married a first cousin, George Washington Baker McCall from Huntingdon County, PA.

He, more than 11 years her senior and a son of Robert McCall and Martha Shaw, moved to Indiana after his stint in the Civil War.  Martha and George had 6 children, 2 of whom died as infants.  The remaining children, 2 males and 2 females married and had families.


                John McCall – born April, 1850 in Daviess Co., died after 1923 in Terre Haute, Vigo Co., IN.   On 8/5/1869 he married Emma Jane Ward, born 10/1850 and died 4/3/1915 in Terre Haute.  The couple had 4 children, the first two of whom died as infants.  A third likely also died.

                John had a farm in Ragelsville, Daviess Co.   It burned in November of 1878 and the family moved to the vicinity of Terre Haute, IN, at the beginning of 1881.  In 1900 they were living in Harrison Township of Vigo County with their 17 year old daughter Florence.



7.            JAMES B. McCALL – 2/14?/1811 – 6/12/1873


                On 1/30/1840 James married Rachel Dean, daughter of Thomas Dean and Catharine Estep.  She was born 5/15/1814, died 8/26/1878.  The couple’s residence is uncertain.  While a history of Huntingdon County listed James as a farmer and stock raiser in the Woodcock Valley, he died in Henderson Township, most likely on or around the Stone Creek Ridge.  His burial place is the Mt. Zion Cemetery on that ridge.

                The couple had 9 children, 6 males and 3 females.  Two of the males died as infants or young children.


                Catherine “Kate” McCall – 12/9/1840 – 2/3/1917 was born and died in Henderson Township.  She may not have married.


                Michael E. McCall – died as an infant or child; no other information


                William McCall – “died young” according to notes of Charles Douglass


                Alexander Dean McCall – 8/12/1844 – 10/30/1904   On 11/28/1866 or 1867 he married Anna Mae “Annie” White, daughter of Simeon White and Margaret Peightel.  She was born 4/17/1850, died 11/7/1912.  The couple had 10 children, 7 females and 3 males.   Two of the children, one male and one female died as teenagers about a decade apart.

                Alexander served in D Company of the 205th regiment of the Union Army in the Civil War.  In May of 1865 while cleaning his gun for inspection, it discharged causing him to lose the sight of an eye.

Alexander rented farms in several townships, the last being West Township, where he once served as a township supervisor and tax collector.


                Eleanor “Ellen” McCall – 1/23 or 28/1846 – 5/6/1914   Whether she was born in Lincoln or Penn Township is disputed.  Her parents moved around while renting different farms.

                She may not have married, as she was listed in the 1910 Census by her maiden name.


                Thomas McCall – 6/12/1847 – 2/9/1868   Birth date is based on tombstone data.  A possible alternative birthdate is 7/6/1847.   He was born in Penn township, but died in Henderson Township and was buried at Mt. Zion Cemetery on Stone Creek Ridge.  No information was found to explain his death as a young man of 20 years.


                Mary Jane McCall – 8/12/1849 – 3/30/1912   On 9/26/1872 in Huntingdon she married Bertrand Luden Dean, son of Thomas Dean and Lydia Ridenour.  Luden, previously married in 1860, was born 1/30/1838 and died 4/2/1904.  He and Mary Jane had 3 children, 2 males and 1 female.  The elder male died at age 5.


                Matthew Edward McCall – 2/25/1851 – 6/10/1894   On 2/24/1881 in Henderson Township he married Mary Ann Bergantz, daughter of Lewis Bergantz and Christina R. Shultz.  She was born 3/19/1858, and died 11/5/1927.  They farmed in Henderson Township and were buried at Mt.  Zion Lutheran Cemetery.  They had 4 children, 3 males then 1 female.  Only one of the males, Allison Blaine McCall, had children.


                James B. McCall – 8/21/1853 – 7/2/1876 Tombstone data calculates birthdate as August 16.




8.            SARAH ELLEN McCALL – 12/9/1818 – 1/14/1891


                On 11/22/1838 Sarah Ellen married George Berkstresser in McConnellstown, Huntingdon County.  He, the son of John Berkstresser and Barbara Sheckler, was born 7/23/1814, died 7/19/1881.  They likely lived in Hopewell Township.  The couple had 9 children, 7 females and 2 males.  Four died as infants or children, leaving 5 daughters who married and had children.


                Catherine Berkstresser – born 1/10/1840, died 1903 in Saxton, Bedford Co., she married Daniel Coup; had 3 children, 2 of whom were stillborn or died as infants.


                John M. Berkstresser – 12/22/1841 – 12/24/1841 was born and died in Cambria County.


                Barbara Ann Berkstresser – 3/10/1843 – 10/30/1918    On 4/23/1865 she married William Leopold Hamilton in Saxton, Bedford Co.  He was born 9/30/1839, died 10/4/1918.  He was a railroad watchman.  They had 8 children, 3 males, 5 females of whom one died as a child.  There were at least 22 grandchildren.


                Mary Berkstresser – 11/27/1845 – 11/30/1845


                Rebecca Berkstresser – 12/7/1846 – 4/6/1936     On 9/16/1869 she married the Rev. Frederick Loose Nicodemus in Puttstown, Bedford Co.  He was born 2/18/1841, died 1/20/1896 in Philadelphia as the result of a “street accident”.  They had 3 children, one male and two females, the last of whom died as an infant.


                Margaret Jane “Jennie” Berkstresser – 5/15/1849 – 1/25/1924   On 9/3/1870 she married John Andrew Hickes in Saxton, Bedford Co.  He was born 4/1/1848, died 12/23/1899.  They had 10 children, 5 males, 4 females plus one whose sex is not known.  Three died as children.


                Hickernell Berkstresser – 11/10/1851 – 7/24/1854


                Matilda Berkstresser – 3/7/1855 – 7/18/1943     On 7/20/1874 she married Michael Savitts.  He was born 5/2/1855, died 7/23/1911.  They had 10 children, 4 males and 6 females.  There were more than 20 grandchildren.


                Mary Ellen Berkstresser – 4/14/1858 – 4/5/1860