Blair County Genealogical Society

Alvin M. Sprankle died in Logan Township on 2/13/1939.  He was born 12/29/1861 in Porter Township, a son of Michael and Elizabeth (Piper) Sprankle.  He married Ora Scott on 3/9/1893; she died 1/4/1934.  Children include:  Marie Shoemaker, Frances, Caroline Rockey, Philip.  Burial in Cedar Grove Cemetery.  Archie Claar Collection

David E. Sprankle died in Wilkinsburg.  He was born on July 20.  He married Mary McClintock, who died in 1931.  Children include:  Verna married to Walter S. Hileman, Mrs. Ethel Fay, Earnest B.  Burial in Fairview Cemetery.  Archie Claar Collection

Frank Isenberg Sprankle died 10/30/1939 in the Lewistown Hospital.  He was born in 1869 in Alexandria, the son of Samuel and Sarah Ann (Isenberg) Sprankle.  He married Florence Snook, who died 12 years ago.  Children include:  Virginia married to Lewis Beaudette, Alma married to John Mayes, Clifford.  Siblings include:  Howard, Ollie married to Albert Graham, Jennie married to Charles Eyre.  Archie Claar Collection

Harry Henry Sprankle was born 6/7/1877 in Tyrone, a son of Moses and Elizabeth (Keller) Sprankle,  He married Maude Tennis on 12/25/1911, who survives.  Children include:  Jesse, Lucy, Agnes, Mabel, Annabelle.  Siblings include:  William, Elizabeth Walker, Bertha Walker, Mrs. Lloyd Cronmiller.  Archie Claar Collection

Helen Marie Sprankle, infant daughter of Harry and Olive (Snyder) Sprankle, died at Mercy Hospital.  She was born November 4.  Archie Claar Collection

Herman Clark Sprankle, 31, died in Indiana Hospital.  He was born 1/17/1907 in Indiana, a son of John and Margaret (Grumbling) Sprankle.  He married Clarabelle Brady, who survives.  Children include:  Richard, James, William, John.  Siblings include:  Harry A.  Burial in Oakland Cemetery.  Archie Claar Collection