Genealogy of the Woodcock Valley

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This site is dedicated to the families of the Woodcock Valley area of Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania.

There were several pioneer families to settle in the Woodcock Valley area of Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania, which lies between Tussey and Terrace Mountains.  The roots of these families are deep and many still remain today.  In such a small and isolated area, the families all became entwined through marriages over the years.  Some of the family names include Garner, Shultz, Beaver, Morningstar, Isett, Enyeart, Fouse, Crum, Snare, Grove, Grubb, Hess, Hoover, Fisher, Riley, Norris, and McCall.  This website is dedicated to exploring the families who settled in the areas of Walker, Penn, Lincoln, and Hopewell Townships, as well as the surrounding counties they migrated to.

Here, you will find cemetery information, vital records, obituaries, family photos, and a love of genealogy.

After all, 'I hear ethereal whispers persuasive, soft and still, "Daughter, if you don't remember us, who will?"'

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