Shultz Family Shultz Family Henry Shultz (1822-1897) 161374221 Catherine (Cypher) Shultz (1826-1889) Catherine married Henry Shultz (1822-1897) 161374213 Ella Shultz and Alice 161374216 Samuel Shultz (1819-1886) 161374229 Anna Nancy (Paul) Shultz Anna was married to Samuel Shultz. 161374212 Samuel Shultz Family Back Row L-R: George Shultz, Isaac Shultz. Front Row L-R: Lucinda Shultz, Polly Shultz, and Margaret Shultz. They were the children of Samuel and Anna Nancy (Paul) Shultz. 161374228 David Shultz (1818-1880) 161374215 Esther (Paul) Shultz Esther was married to David Shultz. 161374217 Shultz Brothers Back Row L-R: George Shultz, William Shultz, Samuel Shultz. Front Row L-R: John Shultz, Henry Shultz, Jacob Shultz, David Shultz. They were the children of David and Esther (Paul) Shultz. 161374214 Isaac Shultz Family Upper Row L-R: Lawrence W. Shultz, Mary Ellen "Mollie" Shultz. Front Row L-R: Isaac L. Shultz, Herman I. Shultz, Elizabeth Ulrich Shultz. 161374218 George and Nancy (Snare) Shultz Family Nancy (Snare) Shultz, George Shultz, and Nora (Shultz) Koontz. 161374220 Nancy (Snare) Shultz and Daughters Nancy (Snare) Shultz (b. 1858) and daughters, May and Alice. 161374226 Nancy (Snare) Shultz Nancy (Snare) Shultz (b. 1858), Wilmer Shultz, and Sarah Alice (Shultz) Brown. 161374219 John Shultz 161374222 Martin Shultz (1828-1889) 161374225 Martha (Heffner) Shultz (1839-1881) Martha was the daughter of Adam Heffner and Rebecca Enyeart. Martha married Martin Shultz (1828-1889). 161374223 Martin and Christina Shultz Martin Shultz (1797-1881) and Christina (Clapper) Shultz (1800-1875). 161374224 Catherine Ann (Donelson) Reed (1852-1922) Catherine was married to William Reed. She was the daughter of John Hoover Donelson and Margaret Shultz. 161838482 Carrie Richardson and Flora Gill Carrie Richardson was the daughter of Isaiah L. Richardson and Sarah M. Shultz. 161839435 Harrison Richardson (1833-1924) Harrison's son, Isaiah L. Richardson, was married to Sarah M. Shultz. 161839436 Charles H. and Fanny M. Shultz 169949405