John Patterson Norris Family John Patterson Norris Family J P Norris family (12 children) Front left to right: father, John P Norris; Solomon Norris ;mother, Mary (Black) Norris Standing left to right: Carl "Toy" Norris; John "Jack" Norris; Edith "Suse" Norris; Wilbur "Rib" Norris; Paul "Pete" Norris; Ralph "Jim" Norris; Hannah Norris; Hazel Norris; Clarence "Bun" Norris; Sarah Norris; Lester "Wick" Norris. 160166187 John Patterson and Mary Evelyn (Black) Norris John Patterson Norris (1882-1965) was the son of William White Norris and Mary Mathilda Waite. He married Mary Evelyn Black (1885-1957). 160651477