Schools Schools Bechtel School in Penn Township The Bechtel School is located in Penn Township on Redstone Ridge Road. It is on private property and is used as a storage building. 129439668 Bowers School in Penn Township This school is located in Penn Township next to the Old Stone Church and adjoining cemetery. The school house can be seen from Rt. 26. 126756070 Bowers School - 1898 Those known in the photo include: Back Row: William "Doc" Garner, Samuel Garhart, Emory Zook, Anna Garner, Unknown, Agnes Garner, Nora Garhart, Edgar Garner, Susan Garner, Unknown man with beard. Middle row: Unknown man in overcoat, Ernest Hood, Carl Hood, Gretna Hood, Margaret Garner, Sarah Garner, Frank Garner, unknown girl, unknown boy. First Row: all unknown. Teacher Brook Walb is seated. 182630350 Bowers School 1903-1904 Back Row: Margie Garnart, Grace Boller, Agnes Garner, Teacher Cora Isett. Middle row: Homer Garner, Lucy Boller, Howard Brumbaugh, John Eckley, Rachel Garner, Mary Brumbaugh, Anna Boller, Frank Garner. Front Row: Roy Myers, Carl Grubb, Ralph Eckley, Harry Brumbaugh, Ruth Garner, Della Brumbaugh, Blanche Myers (Moyer), Verna Hetrick, Martha Grubb. 182630351 Bowers School Booklet 1905-1906 182630353 Bowers School Booklet 1905-1906 182630352 Bowers School 1910-1911 Back Row: Teacher Mary Donelson, Ruth Garner, Lucy Boller, Rachel Garner, Della Brumbaugh, Blanche Corbin, Flora McCall. Third Row: Harry Brumbaugh, David Young. Second Row: Carl Grubb, Verna Hetrick, Ruth Young, Martha Grubb, Ethel Isett, Pearl Waite, Gage Myers. Front Row: John Isett, George Young, Harold Grubb, Harold Isett, Clair Mark, Harvey Isett, Harry Hetrick, Lucille Thom, Mildred Waite, Pearl Hetrick, Kathryn Grubb. 182630354 Bowers School - 1914 Front row: Elby Waite, Wilmer B. Myers, John Brumbaugh, Merle Isett, Allen Isett. Second row: Harold Grubb, Clair Isett, Clair Marks, John Isett, George Young, Harold Isett, Ethel Isett Norris, Mildred Waite, Pearl Waite Young, Gertrude Hunter Lynn, Catherine Grubb Horton, Gertrude Grubb Householder, Dorothy Myers Beachey, Sarah Butts, Martha Grubb. Third row: Harry Brumbaugh, Harvey Isett, Gage Myers, John Hunter, David Young, Howard Brumbaugh, Flora Garner, Blanche Corbin Knode, Carl Grubb, Della Brumbaugh Garner, Ruth Garner, Flora McCall Gump, Ruth Young Thompson, Rachel Garner. Lorenza Norris, teacher. 182681073 Bowers School 1929-1930 Back Row: Warren Isett, Winifred Norris, Margaret Beaver, Pearl Isett, Teacher Helen Morgan, Loretta Grubb, Geraldine Isett, Eloise Isett. Second Row: Ralph Garner, Pearl Scott, June Isett, Adaline Norris, Ralph Isett, William Scott, Harry Hanks, Cloyd Grubb, Phyllis Fouse. Front Row: Gerald Grubb, Donald Waite, Roy Scott. 182630355 Bowers School Edythe Horton was the teacher. 182681074 Bowers School Class Photo The year of this group is not known. The names include: First Row: Lillian Grove, Kirby Grubb, Edna Shetrom, Gerry Hood, Dolly Thompson. Second Row: Bob Thompson, Isabel, Eugene, Jean, Dick Hoover, Dot, Willard. Third Row: Dolly Norris, Robert Grove, Ruthie, Janet, Jim, Isabel, Donald Grubb. Fourth Row: Betty, Warren Grubb, Dot, Chloe Grove, Clyde, Irene, John Norris. Fifth Row: Junior Stinson, Ed Thompson, Junior Hoover. 182733248 Corner School 1910 Class List 159213346 Dorman School in Hopewell Township The Dorman School is located in Hopewell Township on Rt. 26 in Cherrytown. It is a private residence. 129439669 Entriken School in Lincoln Township The Entriken School is located in Lincoln Township on Cemetery Road. It is owned by the Township and is used as a meeting hall. 129439670 Grafton School in Hesston, Penn Township The Grafton School is located in Penn Township in the village of Hesston. It is a private residence. 129439671 Philip Garner with his class at the Grafton School This photo was submitted by Betsy (Garner) Carpenter. 162005250 Hesston school Back row: L to R: Jim Fink; Ken Hinkle; Floyd Huntsman; Suzanne Ankeney; Darla Grove; Mildred Ronk; Dolly Lewis; Mrs Helen Snare, teacher; Vivian Yocum; Jean Fink; Clinton Huntsman; Fred Holland ; Jim Hinkle. Middle row: Barry Hoover; Bonnie Grove; Sandy Brubaker; Sarah Ronk; Carol Ronk; Pearl Ronk; Sarah Mae Thomas; Randa Hoover; Patty Holland; Diane Ronk; Pam Hoover; Dick Hess. Front row: Wilbur Ronk; Ronnie Russell; Mark Hoover; John Ronk; Wayne Hinkle; Harold Norris; Rodney Briggs; (?); Steve Hoover; Tim Hoover; Dave Edwards 160294970 Hesston school-1949-50 ? L to R Back row: Mrs Helen Snare, Teacher; Darla Grove; Mary Ronk; Mildred Ronk; Beverly Briggs; Martha Norris; Suzanne Ankeney; Dolly Lewis; Floyd Huntsman; Raymond Ronk; Fred Holland. Next row: Ken Hinkle; Clinton Huntsman; Sandy Brubaker; Pearl Ronk; Bonnie Grove; Sarah Ronk; Vivian Yocum. (with pigtails) Next row: (?); Ronnie Russell; Matt Hoover; Rodney Briggs; (?); Wilbur Ronk; Barry Hoover; Dave Edwards; Dick Hess; Jim Fink; Jim Hinkle. Front row: Sarah Mae Thomas; Jean Fink; Darla Spencer; John Ronk; Carol Ronk; Steve Hoover; Patty Holland; Wayne Hinkle; Randa Hoover; Tim Hoover; Diane Ronk; Pam Hoover; Mark Hoover. 160294972 Marklesburg High School 1907 160424907 Marklesburg School Ruth (Fouse) Lauderbaugh is the teacher in the back row on the right. The students are unknown. 182783963 Marklesburg School 1947 Mrs. Moyer was the teacher. 181858440 Marklesburg Schools This post card shows the old and new school houses in Marklesburg. 161569125 Marklesburg Schools This photo shows the old and new school in Marklesburg. 175817640 Marklesburg Normal School This may be a graduating class from the school. 175817639 Marklesburg Normal School in Marklesburg Borough The Marklesburg Normal School is located in the borough of Marklesburg. This two room school houses the James Creek Post Office, and the other side is utilized for borough meetings. 129439672 Marklesburg Normal School Attendees This list of names of young adults from the area attended the Marklesburg Normal School to become teachers. 160424908 Marklesburg Normal School The known student teachers are Ellis Hess, Martha (Grove) Kensinger, and Rosenna (Lininger) Wells. 160424909 Mill School 1922 Students and visitors on the last day of school. 160424910 Mill School in Penn Township Back row: Pauline Collins, Mrs Shingler, (teacher), Robert Shingler, Wanda McCall, Blanche McCall, Ralph Grove, Maxine Grace, Mary Helen Grubb, Mary Waite, Leroy Shingler Front row: Harold Grace, Wilbur Collins, Allen Dean Grove, John Grubb, Jonah Grubb 147321534 Mill School 1929 Back Row L-R: Pauline Collins, Wanda McCall, Blanche McCall, Maxine Grace, Mary Helen Grubb. Middle Row L-R: Florine Grove, Robert Shingler, Mary Waite, Ralph Grove, Leroy Shingler. Front Row L-R: Wilbur Collins, Allen Dean Grove, John J. Grubb, Jonah Ray Grubb. 160424916 Mill School 1938 160424912 Mill School The students helped with a bridge project. Those in the photo include: 1. Catherine Forshey, 2. Florence Waite, 3. Harold Horton, 4. George Schell, 5. Tom Kyle, 6. Blanche Waite, 7. Helen Powell, 8. Atta Force, 9. Irene Force, 10. Lilly Powell, 11. Mary Riley, 12. Marie Schell, 13. Cloyd Garner, 14. Ralph Grove, 15. Kenneth Ridenour, 16. Chloe Schell, 17. Flora Garner, 18. Amos Isett, 19. Florine Grove, 20. Wanda Thom, 21. Abraham Ridenour and 3 workmen. 160424915 Mill School 1944 Back Row L-R: Gordon Staufer, Clair Grove, Ben Kensinger, Bill Grove, Ken Cramer. Middle Row L-R: Bill Cramer, Clyde Cramer, Sarah Riley, Evelyn Cramer, Ron McCall, Ron Smith. Front Row L-R: Ronald Norris (just visiting), Anna Mary Norris, George Grove, Sarah Grove, Barbara Grove, Shirley Hoover. Amelia Hampton, teacher. 160424913 Mill School 1946 This was the graduating class of 1946. Back Row: Ken Cramer, Evelyn Cramer, Sarah Riley. Front Row: Bill Grove, Clair Grove. The students were on Miss Hampton's "38" Chevy. The new boys outhouse is seen in the background. 160424914 Penn Township Teachers This article was published in a later edition of the Daily News, reflecting teachers who were hired 50 years earlier. The exact date of their hire is not known. I do know that James Brumbaugh was at the Bower School from 1901-1902 and again from 1915-1917. Since Blanche M. Lininger was born in 1902, this most assuredly dates to either the 1915-1916 or 1916-1917 school term. 161373793 Ridge School in Hopewell Township This private residence is believed to be the former Ridge School in Hopewell Township. 129439673 Speck School in Penn Township This school is located in Penn Township on School House Road. It was closed about 1938. It is now owned by the Ladies of Jacob's Church and is used as a church social hall. 128054000 Speck School 1922 with: Harriet Norris; Chalmer Norris; Hiram Norris, Philip Norris Teacher: Ruth Briggs on far left, black dress; Harriet Norris next to teacher; Philip Norris in front of Harriet; and Hiram Norris, tallest boy in back row, and Chalmer Norris at far right. Others, unknown! 160213710 Speck School 1927-1928 1927-1928 - School days of Speck School- Penn Twp - School girls with their teacher-Bessie Hagans Left to right: Sara Shingler; Charlotte Norris; Annie Norris; Harriet Norris; and Bessie Hagans, their teacher from Speck shool days. Photo taken at McAlevey's Fort home of their teacher, Miss Hagans. 160188948 Speck School Class List 1929 This souvenir booklet is from Blanche (Shingler) Shirk. 162004660 Speck School Souvenir from 1930 - Part 1 This souvenir ribbon is from Blanche (Shingler) Shirk. 162004661 Speck School Souvenir from 1930 - Part 2 162004662 Speck School This photo was submitted by Blanche (Shingler) Shirk. She thinks Helen (Garner) Snare took the photo the last year the school was open. Helen was the teacher. 162004731 Stonerstown School #1 This log school no longer exists, but was the first school to serve the Stonerstown area of Liberty Township in Bedford County, PA. The photo was shared by Debbie Shontz. 176753016 Stonerstown School #2 This school was the second school to serve the Stonerstown area of Liberty Township in Bedford County, PA. It was built across the street from the first school. It is now a private residence. The photo was shared by Debbie Shontz. 176753014 Stonerstown School #2 This is a more recent view of the Stonerstown School #2 that serves as a private residence. The photo was shared by Debbie Shontz. 176753015 Stonerstown School #2 This is a more recent view of the Stonerstown School #2 that serves as a private residence. The photo was shared by Debbie Shontz. 176753018 Stonerstown School #3 This is the third school that was built to serve the Stonerstown area of Liberty Township in Bedford County, PA. The school house still exists but is no longer a public school for the area. This photo was shared by Debbie Shontz. 176753017 Stonerstown School #3 This photo of the Stonerstown School was taken in 2006 by Amy Meyers Nicolai, who gave permission for it to be shared here. The school is no longer serving as a public education facility, but is in private use. 176885518 Upper Corner Class List 1927 159216781 Upper Corner Class List 1931 159216782 Upper Corner School in Penn Township, 1937-1938 The line up is - First row: Melvin Brumbaugh, ?, Helen Baker, Dorothy Brown, Joanne Utley, Ethel Garner, Betty Brumbaugh, Helen Garner, George Brown. In between row one and two: Viola Baker, Lester Brumbaugh, Robert Brown. Next row: ?, Melvin Ralph Garner?, Henry Fisher, ?, Hazel or Chloe Grove, Naomi Utley, Lucille Brown. Top Row: John Utley, Ilene Utley, Clyde Grove, Esther Fisher?, Alice Riley?, Catharine Garner, Peter Fisher, Ralph Garner. This photo was shared with me by Ralph Garner. 127671298 Upper Corner School Class List 1949 159213102 Valley School in Lincoln Township The Valley School is located in Lincoln Township on Fouse's Crossing Road. It is now a private residence. 129439674 Walker Township School-1945-grade 7 Front row: L to R: Marcia Gallaway, Leona Fisher, Carrie Chilcote, Unknown, Bob Ritchey, Carl Grove, Fred Fisher, Walter Bud Robb, Art Park. Middle row: Unknown, Jean Weidner, Joan Clites, Unknown, Charlotte Hetrick, Betty Cunningham, Ruth Trimer, Bernadine Dallard, Katie Brumbaugh, Dorothy Roberts, Mr Ross Crisswell, teacher Back row: Irvin Cunningham, Dave Yingling, Tom Stapleton, Bob Hood, Bill Sheffield, Merle Everetts, Bob Householder, Ken Edwards, Frank Beaver, Raymond Johnson 166510402 Weaver School in Hopewell Township This private residence is believed to the former Weaver School. It is located in the Puttstown area of Hopewell Township. 129439675 Marklesburg School Picnic Photo The photo was taken at Balanced Rock at the "Old Forge" in Trough Creek State Park. The boys in the back row are Dean Isett, John T. Riley, and Harry Knode. The girls in the front are not known for certain, but it is believed that Martha (Gongloff) Powell is the third from the left and that Virginia Thom might be the one on the right. 182821005