Kissinger Family Kissinger Family Samuel Kissinger (1819-1899) Sam was a "bound boy" or orphan who became an indentured servant of Isaac Clymer and was brought to Woodcock Valley when he was 14. He obtained his freedom at age 21. He married Mary Snare in 1842. Submitted by Lynn Ayers 118760222 Samuel Kissinger (1819-1899) This photo was taken in the late 1890's. Submitted by Lynn Ayers. 118760223 Obituary for Sam Kissinger 118760221 Mary Ann (Snare) Kissinger (1821-1895) 118760219 Mary Ann (Snare) Kissinger (1821-1895) She was the daughter of Conrad and Anna (Clark) Snare. She married Samuel Kissinger in 1842. 118760218 Obituary for Mary Kissinger 118760220 Gravestone of Sam and Mary (Snare) Kissinger Marklesburg Reformed Church Cemetery 118760215 Kissinger Farm taken about 1890 Sam and Mary are in the front yard, and daughter, Catharine "Kate" Kissinger is at the gate. 118760216 Kissinger Daughters These are the four daughters of Samuel (1819-1899) and Mary Ann (Snare) (1821-1895) Kissinger. From L to R: Catharine "Kate" Kissinger, Deliah Jane "Jennie" (Kissinger) Lamp, Margaret "Maggie" (Kissinger) Black, and Lucinda "Dud" (Kissinger) Martin. This photo was submitted by Lynn Ayers. 118760214 Kissinger Sisters Lucinda, Jennie, and Kate 118760217 Catharine "Kate" Kissinger (1850-1917) She was the daughter of Sam and Mary (Snare) Kissinger. She never married. 118760213 Catharine Kissinger (1850-1917) Submitted by Lynn Ayers 94942925 Lucinda (Kissinger) Martin (1853-1936) Lucinda was the daughter of Sam and Mary (Snare) Kissinger. She married Frank Martin and homesteaded in Nebraska. She was my great-grandmother. Submitted by Lynn Ayers. 118760224 Obituary for Lucinda (Kissinger) Martin (1853-1936) 118760225 Samuel Kissinger Farm in 1920s 160362512 Mary Ann "Polly" (Snare) Kissinger (1821-1895) 160362513 Samuel Kissinger (1819-1899) 160362514 Mary Ann, Samuel, and Kate Kissinger Wife Mary Ann "Polly" (Snare) (1821-1895), husband Samuel (1819-1899) and daughter Kate Kissinger (1850-1917) 160362515 Mary (Snare) Kissinger (1821-1895) Mary "Polly" Snare was the daughter of Conrad Snare and Anna Clark. She married Samuel Kissinger. 161703804