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Deb (Fisher) Riley
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William Enyeart 1748-1828, with his two wives, Catherine Schell and Jane Norris, had an extensive family of children.  I recently had an inquiry to try and sort out all of the children that William Enyeart had.  I am curious to find out what other researchers have for this man!  I list 7 children to Catherine and 16 to Jane.  Some have suggested that there were many more!  If you have a list, please share it here, and we'll compare! 

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Jim Gresham
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This is the list I have.  One source of information I had indicated that, except for the twin daughters who died at birth, all of William's children live to adulthood.  Even though it would be possible to fit another baby into this list (between Rebecca and Margaret, for instance), I can believe this is the complete list.


1. Catherine Shell (1750-1788) 

Children John Enyeart (1774-1852)

Mary "Polly" Enyeart (1776-1868)

William Enyeart (1777-1831)

Elizabeth Enyeart (1779-1855)

David Enyeart (1787-1857)

Twin Daughter 1 Enyeart (1788-1788)

Twin Daughter 2 Enyeart (1788-1788)


2. Jane Norris (1772- )

Marriage 6 Sep 1788 (about age 40) Huntingdon County, PA1

Children James Enyeart (1789-1835)

Joseph Enyeart (1790-1852)

Silas Enyeart (1792-1853)

Thomas Enyeart (1793-1837)

Catherine Enyeart (1794-1864)

Benjamin Enyeart (1797-1865)

Jane Enyeart (1797-1865)

Rachel Enyeart (1800-1871)

Levi Enyeart (1802-1872)

Nancy Ann Enyeart (1804-1876)

Martha Jane Enyeart (1805-1857)

Sarah Enyeart (1806-1881)

Rebecca Enyeart (1808- )

Margaret Enyeart (1814- )

Abraham Enyeart (1817- )

Eleanor Enyeart (1821- )

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Jim Gresham
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Those smileys are all eights

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Deb (Fisher) Riley
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Thanks, Jim!  Your list matches mine exactly! :)  If other people list other children, will you post them here?

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Rebecca Enyeart. do you by any chance know who she married? was it a stevens?

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