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Deb (Fisher) Riley
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I am searching for information on Simon Isett, who was born sometime between 1775-1784 according to census records. Simon appears in the 1800 census for Huntingdon County. There is an S. Isett who appears in the 1810 census for Huntingdon County who might be the same Simon or another name; with the first initial only, it is hard to be sure. If this is Simon in the 1810 census, he appears to have 5 children.


At the Huntingdon County Courthouse in the Continuance Dockets for 1819 on microfilm, 4 different men filed suit in civil court again Simon Isett, who owed them money. So, Simon was still in Huntingdon County in 1819. The Continuance Docket information shows Simon owed:

#30 Peter Swoope vs. Simon Iset - $28.99

#31 Mathias Harrison vs. Simon Iset - $8.97

#34 John Foe or Fee vs. Simon Isett - $200.00

#36 John Whitaker vs. Simon Iset - $42.81

This was a lot of money in 1819 that Simon was in debt. He did not own any property according to the early tax records.


I have never located Simon Isett again after 1819, so I am assuming he left the area and his debts behind.


The earliest Isett's in the area were in Sinking Valley, Blair County. I can only suspect that Simon was related to them and moved to neighboring Huntingdon County. There are no other Isett's in Huntingdon County this early. The Sinking Valley Isett line did own property in Huntingdon County. They operated a mill and built several houses even though they continued to reside in Sinking Valley with their families.


If anyone can shed light on Simon Isett, I will be forever indebted!

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Sharon Miller
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I have a Lucretia Isett who married Sydney Thompson in 1860, but no other info.  Sorry, so little info.  Sharon

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Sharon Miller
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Catherine Agnes Fisher   1914-1996

Charles Fisher---------------------

Daniel Carl Fisher, M. D.---------------------

Don Fisher--------------------

George Byron Fisher--8/24/1926

Harry Gerome Fisher---1879-1911


Mildred Joy Fisher----1907 B.

Ray Fisher--------



All I have on the Fisher's.

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Deb (Fisher) Riley
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Sharon Miller at August 30, 2010 at 8:45 AM

I have a Lucretia Isett who married Sydney Thompson in 1860, but no other info.  Sorry, so little info.  Sharon

Hi Sharon, your Lucretia Isett (also seen as Lucetta) was the daughter of John Stockdale Isett and Mary Ann Bell.  Lucetta and Sidney had 6 children that I am aware of.  I know very little about their children.  Do you have info on them?

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